Tame Knots and Tangles with the Tangle Angel [Review]

Tangle Angel

Having thick hair can be a struggle! Don’t get me wrong, I love my thick locks but I go through hair elastics faster than Internet Explorer and I’ve broken so many hair brushes I’ve lost count. But, of course, the biggest struggle when it comes to having thick hair is detangling it after washing … forget that, detangling my hair at all times is a mission of note! If you suffer the same struggles I do then you’ve probably been searching high and low for something that will glide through knots and tangles like a hot knife through butter and today I am here to tell you that the struggle is finally over – thanks to the Tangle Angel! Here’s why this super fabulous detangling brush is a must-try for fighting the battle against knots and tangles.

The professional detangling brush is designed to glide through tangled tresses with ease and keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. With this brush there’s no more tugging and tearing or trying to cut your hair free from a stuck brush – it’s easy sailing all day everyday! Whether you’re trying to comb out your hair after washing or detangling your locks after a windy day, there’s nothing this little wonder can’t tackle. I love how easy this brush is to use and how easily it glides through my hair – detangling knots is also a breeze!

The brush is suitable for all hair types and is also heat resistant, so you can use it while blow drying and be sure it will maintain its shape! The Tangle Angel also has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties so it’s super hygienic and safe to use time and time again. I also love that the brush is anti-static, making it the perfect tool to tame flyaways and frizz.

Tangle Angel

The Tangle Angel also fits perfectly into the palm of your hand – the ergonomic shape allows you to manoeuvre the brush just the way you need to, whether you’re holding it by the handle or around the wings on the sides. What’s more, the contoured base has been specifically designed to ensure that the bristles are at different heights allowing them to glide through knots and tangles with no problem at all.

You can also breathe easy knowing there is a Tangle Angel for every type of hair – thick, curly, straight, fine, afros, and more! The original and ‘Classic’ designs (R290) are perfect for every day detangling while the ‘Xtreme’ (R380) features longer, denser bristles and extra-large head for stubborn knots, hair extensions, artificial hair, weaves, and thicker hair.

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Tangle Angle is available online from Retail Box – click here to buy it now. For more information on Tangle Angel visit the Tangle Angle South Africa website


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