Change the Way You Travel with Samsonite S’Cure [Review]

Samsonite s'cure

Travelling is the best thing in the history of ever but, to be honest, I loathe everything in-between leaving my house and arriving at my destination. Especially if that middle bit involves flying – between checking in your bags, vying for the perfect seat, and inconsiderate fellow passengers, there’s just so much stress involved when flying. But, luckily for me travelling has just become that little bit more stress-free and it’s all thanks to two little pieces of luggage. Now you might think that luggage is the least important thing to worry about when travelling but after getting my Samsonite S’Cure luggage I am completely convinced that investing in good quality luggage is a must for reducing stress when travelling. Here’s why I am head over heels in love with this amazing luggage set.

Of course, we all know that Samsonite is the leader when it comes luggage for personal and business travel but let me tell you; you don’t know quite how amazing Samsonite is until you’ve owned a piece of Samsonite luggage. I’ve always skimped on my luggage, using an old tog bag or a wheely suitcase that I got at a steal at a discount store, but it wasn’t until I started using Samsonite that I realised what I was missing out on. And, as for S’Cure I couldn’t be happier with the range I chose! I opted for an S’Cure cabin-size (55cm) wheely suitcase and a larger wheely suitcase (69cm) in pacific blue and travelling with these two little guys has been life changing. The S’Cure range is rather unique in that it’s is a completely outer zip-free case, making it a more robust solution for travellers concerned with security or the suitcase bursting. Thanks to this the S’Cure suitcase is super easy to clip closed, even when you’ve filled it just a little too much.

Samsonite scure

I have taken the cabin size suitcase on week-long road trips, local weekend getaways, quick trips to Johannesburg, and multi-day business trips and each time it’s been a breeze. I love how spacious the suitcase is, despite being compact and super light – two compartments inside the suitcase help to keep everything you packed organised and in its place. The zipped interior lining in the top compartment is perfect for packing your shoes, toiletries and other loose items while the W nest of cross ribbons in the bottom section help to keep all your clothes tight and snug inside the suitcase. There’s also a small zip compartment in the bottom section which is great for storing cables and small items or even underwear. This little suitcase also allows you to pack more – even when you’re dealing with a 7KG carry-on luggage weight limit! It’s made from super light Flowlite (polypropylene) material and weighs in at just 2.9 kilograms which means you can fit more stuff in the 39L space.

Samsonite scure

But it doesn’t end there, the 69cm is just as wonderful – especially when taking it on a long-haul flight. The thing I love most about the S’Cure luggage is how secure it is. This incredible piece of luggage accompanied me on a trip from Cape Town, South Africa to Christchurch New Zealand with layovers and stops in Dubai, Bangkok, and Syndey on the way and I while my fellow travellers were wrapping their suitcases to protect it from being cut, damaged or pillaged I had piece of mind that my luggage couldn’t be tampered with. The Flowlite material it is made from makes it super strong and sturdy while the easy-to-use but oh-so-secure three-lock, TSA approved system protects your bag’s contents from sticky fingers. The bag has a lock on each side to ensure it doesn’t pop open on the sides and a secure code lock on the front which can be programmed to open upon entering a unique 4 digit code. But, your clothes and possessions aren’t just secure from sticky fingers they’re also safe from outside elements. The S’Cure range has a unique seal running along the entire interior, giving you confidence that your case will be able to resist water or moisture. It’s also super light at just 4.20 KG which means you can fit loads of stuff in the 79L capacity.

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Samsonite scure

Another great feature is Samsonite’s trademark 4 double wheel spinner system which makes the case a breeze to wheel around. No matter how heavy my bag is I am always able to drag it behind me or wheel it beside me with no hassle at all. The Samsonite S’Cure range comes in a range of sizes and there are seven vibrant colours you can choose from including red, black, blue, green and more! And, while Samsonite luggage might not come cheap it’s important to think of it as an investment in your future travel. What you are paying for with Samsonite is superior quality, great engineering, and longevity – each case comes with a 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind that you will be using this luggage for years to come.

The S’Cure 55cm bag retails for R 3495 and the 69cm R 4795. For more information on Samsonite or the S’Cure range visit the Samsonite South Africa website or say Hi to Samsonite on Facebook or Samsonite South Africa on Twitter.

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