Global HIIT Fitness Craze, F45, is Coming to Cape Town!

F45 HIIT South Africa

If you love high intensity interval training, or HIIT, then get excited because international fitness phenomenon, F45 is opening a gym in Cape Town this year! The fitness regime was first created for celebrities back in 2012 and is loved by stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman. Today F45 boasts around 1000 workout studios in 36 different countries with each gym offering 45-minute HIIT workouts that are perfect for those with a busy schedule.

The popular fitness craze is being brought to South Africa by duo Marc Train and Trent Cutler, who plan on expanding across South Africa throughout 2018, starting with the first gym in Cape Town this March.

But what makes F45 different from other HIIT gyms already in Cape Town? According to Train and Cutler, the secret to the brand lies in the fact that unlike other workout classes, F45 isn’t intimidating but rather newbies and regulars feel like they are among friends while working out. Plus, the workouts at F45 use everyday movements as a workout plan (think lunges, squats and jumping) which reduces the risk of injury in participants. F45 HIIT South Africa

Want to know more? Here are just five reasons to get excited for F45 coming to SA: 

1. Never a dull moment:

F45 has developed 27 different 45-minute workouts which combine interval, cardio and strength training, and HIIT, to ensure that members don’t get bored while working out. The plan is also combined with a meal plan and an app to keep you motivated while on the go.

2. Ideal for a modern lifestyle:

Most people will tell you that they struggle to find time to exercise – the F45 classes are just 45-minutes and the trainers ensure that you use this limited time to maximise achieve results.

3. HIIT it or quit it:

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), HIIT is the top exercise trend for 2018. The workout implements quick bursts of high-intensity cardio along with equal rest periods, which is more ideal than traditional cardio for weight-loss purposes as it maximises fat burning and building muscle.

F45 HIIT South Africa

4. F45 is for everyone!

Forget those scary group classes where you have no idea what to do! At F45 the classes are aimed at giving users individual attention, allowing you to reach your full potential at your specific level of fitness.

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5. There’s a core focus on community:

Rather than simply plugging in your headphones and working out alone, F45 aims to create a sense of community. And, the best part? There are no mirrors in the room so you don’t have to worry about people’s egos making you feel out of place!

F45 is created on a foundation of fitness and wellness rather than physical appearance – talk about body positivity and self-love! Fuss-free and quick, F45 is sure to be a hit with Capetonians this year.

The first Cape Town franchise opens in Camps Bay, Cape Town in early March 2018. For more information or to sign up for a free one week trial, visit the F45 website here.

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