Got a Service Complaint or Compliment? Easily Connect with Businesses on the iBleat App 

iBleat app

Customer service is all too often a contradiction in terms. Far too frequently customers feel let down by a company and their service is anything but. So what are your next steps then? Being placed on hold by a call centre? Shouting on social media? Most of us end up going down that route where we feel if we publicly shame a company then they will give us the immediate attention we deserve and fix their mistakes, but even so, the problems don’t go away. Enter an innovative new South African app called iBleat.

Developed by South African entrepreneurs, iBleat is designed to connect customers to any business, brand or outlet, seamlessly and privately. With 67 percent of social posts being targeted directly at businesses and with so few of these ever being readily addressed, whether it’s a complaint or compliment, iBleat is an easy and intuitive solution to the frustrations of customer service.

The benefits of this dedicated customer service app include private and secure bleats that are correctly directed to the relevant business while still being able to share the post on social media should the issue not be resolved, as well as the ability for the business to respond instantly. It also clears up and declutters social media and gives customers a much better chance of getting their complaint handled.

What’s more, when it comes to day-to-day interactions in the business and retail sector, iBleat believes that more good experiences happen than bad ones. So, to create a culture of recognising good service, iBleat is rewarding you and the company that made your day with R5000 just for complimenting their service on the app. Click here to see how it works and enter now.

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iBleat is available for free download on Android and iOS. For more information visit the iBleat website.

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