GrandWest’s Quarterdeck Buffet Restaurant Reopens with Updated Menu

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Great news for Capetonian’s, GrandWest’s popular Quarterdeck restaurant, which was closed when lockdown was imposed in 2020, has reopened. The reopening sees the restaurant offering diners an updated menu and a reduced price per head for an ‘eat as much as you can’ buffet.

Fans of the restaurant will be thrilled to hear that the Quarterdeck’s marine-themed décor — a nod to Cape Town’s rich seafaring history as a port of call for passing ships — will not change, and the restaurant will also continue to offer a buffet-style dining experience.

Where diners will notice a change is in the menu, which has been given a contemporary update, and serving staff will now plate up their meal selection for them as part of GrandWest’s strict Covid-19 protocols. Also, in line with these protocols, serving trays have been replaced by dishes with glass lids which alleviates the need to lift a lid to see the food inside.

Quarterdeck restaurant
Dishes with glass lids, so guests can see what is on offer without opening the lids. Less touching involved, while servers assist guests with plating.

Many hotels and restaurants have struggled to adapt buffet-style eating with Covid-19 protocols, opting for small pre-portioned servings in place of a true buffet. This announcement by the Quarterdeck to stick with buffet-style dining, with added serving staff assistance, will no doubt be a welcomed update for those looking to indulge in the joys of an ‘eat as much as you like’ dining experience.

Diners can still expect a delectable array of choices at salad valley including classic Greek Salad, taco potato salad, Mediterranean chickpea salad and Quinoa and black bean salad with corn and cilantro.

At the hot section, the aromas of curry still beckons, but in addition to the popular spicy lamb curry, vegetarians will have the option of an equally spicy butternut and chickpea version. Both curries are served with a selection of either basmati rice or traditional Malay yellow rice with sultanas. Also, look out for the sweet and sour beef stew and the crunchy homemade stir-fry prepared from the freshest ingredients selected by the chef.

Quarterdeck restaurant
Roast meats among the many dishes served behind health and safety buffet screens.

No Cape Town menu is complete without fish and seafood, so diners can select from crispy deep-fried catfish, tender crumbed calamari strips and a mouth-wateringly delicious pot of creamy garlic mussels. Meat lovers will get their umami fix with a selection of tender, juicy and perfectly cooked roasted topside or beef ribs, or sweet and sticky teriyaki chicken drumettes.

All hot meals are served with a choice of the freshest country crop vegetables, sweet potato, rich and creamy cauliflower and broccoli bake or perfectly roasted new potatoes.

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The pizza station never disappoints and will deliver homemade semolina crusted pizza bases topped with a variety of chef’s choice toppings, all bursting with flavour and covered in bubbling cheese.

Quarterdeck restaurant
Enticing desserts served behind health and safety buffet screens.

As always the pièce de résistance is the dessert station where sinfully enticing desserts all jostle alongside each other for space. Select from chocolate brownie fingers topped with ganache, whole baked cheesecake topped with Chantilly cream and berry coulis, hot chocolate mud pudding and custard, and mini carrot cakes topped with cream cheese icing.

The Quarterdeck is open four days a week, including for Sunday lunch. There are two sittings on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 17:00 and 18:30 and 19:00 and 21:30. The Sunday lunch sitting is from 12:30 and 15:30.

The standard price is R199.00 per adult, R90.00 for children under 12 and R50.00 for children under six. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling (021) 505 7220 between 08:30 and 22:30. Sun MVG discounts apply, and leisure points are valid. Click here for more information on the Quarterdeck restaurant at GrandWest.

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