Healthy Snack Vending Machine Hits Cape Town!

Green Machine vending machine

Snacking is probably my number one vice. No really, I’m that girl that needs to be banned from the vending machine at work because the last thing I need is a shiny machine built for the sole purpose of making unhealthy snacking more convenient. And, let’s be honest, if there’s one place you’re bound to have a serious ‘snacksident’ (Def: an unhealthy snack binge), it’s at the office. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to enjoy healthy snacks, in fact, I prefer them. The problem is I’m super lazy and tend to go for the most convenient option, which usually equals the nearest vending machine. Which is why I am beyond excited about the new Green Machine healthy snack vending machines that have just hit Cape Town. This genius new business is gearing up to change the way we snack at work and it’s only a matter of time before they get a medal or a serious pat on the back for this incredible idea.

The Green Machine is the brainchild of two local entrepreneurs, Gideon Greaves and Chad Knezovich with a vision to make healthy snacking as convenient as a stroll down the hall. The pair were frustrated with the unhealthy food traditionally found in vending machines and decided to do something about it. The first Green Machine vending machine was launched in Cape Town recently (find it in the Media24 building in the Cape Town CBD) and now, after much buzz and success, they’re planning on conquering the rest of Cape Town, one healthy snack at a time.

Green Machine vending machine

The products offered in the unique vending machine are all about making healthier choices. The Green Machine team hand pick each item on offer to ensure that it is healthy and, of course, tastes good. When you buy a product from the Green Machine vending machine you can be sure that it will nurture your body the way nature intended and help you satisfy your cravings.

Clients can expect to find everything from healthy snack bars to a range of nuts,  coconut chips, juices, and more inside the Green Machine ‘health fridge’ and the team says they will continue to adapt the options according to their customers’ needs and wants. But hold on a second – what about my wallet? Isn’t healthy snacking an expensive affair? Luckily, the Green Machine team have thought of that too!

GreenBox snack box

While choosing healthy snacking options can be a little pricier than more traditional snack options the pair are very aware of their price points and aim to offer their healthy snacks at a reasonable price. In fact, they place a huge emphasis on finding healthy snacks options that won’t break the bank and they even package some of the products themselves to keep costs down. And, to make your life even easier, the Green Machine accepts a range of payment options, including debit and credit cards, and SnapScan!

But that’s not all! If you’re still waiting on a Green Machine to launch in your office then you can also take advantage of Green Machine’s delivery service – Green Box! That’s right, you can have the same delicious and healthy snacks delivered to your door on a weekly basis. The nutritious and tasty Green Box can be an office hit or a home delight and contains 30 treats for you to enjoy and savour.

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Green Machine vending machine

The box includes everything from drinks to fresh snacks like nuts, Kale chips and more. The team will tailor a box that will suit your office or personal tastes at just R495 per box and there’s no commitment or contracts, just an order form for each box. Sadly, the machines and boxes are only available in Cape Town for now, but let’s hope that they will be rolling out to the rest of the country soon!

For more information on Green Machine and Green Box visit the Green Machine website. Contact them about getting a Green Machine health fridge at your office or start off by ordering a yummy Green Box to store on your desk or share with your health conscious colleagues. You can also say Hi to Green Machine on Facebook to keep up to date with new machines launching around the city. 

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