Make Your Own All-Natural, Baobab Body Mousse! [Recipe]

pure organic cold pressed Baobab Oil

If you love using natural products on your skin then nothing beats being able to make your own products or put a new spin on your favourite natural products. We can’t get enough of Baobab oil at the moment so imagine our excitement when we discovered that you can add it to all sort of stuff to make your own, unique beauty products. Baobab oil is an excellent skin moisturizer, and unlike a lot of other oils, it absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores. This fabulous oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, all of which contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin. Today we’re going to show you how you can make your own Handmade Baobab Body Mousse – perfect for at-home pampering or even as a gift for a special friend.

Handmade Baobab Body Mousse


50 ml Plain Aqueous Cream (we recommend you use a natural version like this one from Oh Lief)
12 ml 100% pure organic cold pressed Baobab Oil (you can find it online here).
0.1 ml Essential oils (Use your favourite – we used a combination of a few drops of neroli & rose)


Using a kitchen whisk, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until all the baobab oil has been incorporated into the aqueous cream.
Using a spatula, scoop out the mousse into a clean, pretty jar.
Finish with a bow wrapped around the jar neck.

Use it within 6-8 months for maximum moisturising benefits.

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This light and fluffy moisturising mousse smells heavenly and absorbs quickly into the skin.

Note: You can find Baobab Oil from a variety of online stockists or from selected health stores and pharmacies. Visit the Eco Products website for more information.

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