Coffee-lovers who enjoy a good ole filter coffee will know the biggest problem: you don’t want to make a whole pot if you aren’t going to drink it all. Yes, there are smaller plungers, but there’s also a lot of cleaning and prep required for something that only makes a single cup. So, what’s the solution?

The guys at BrewSpoon have put together a clever little contraption, which combines the filtration of coffee with… well, a spoon, and it’s ingenious.

Featuring a small sieve-like filter on the end, you simply open it, fill it with your favourite freshly-ground coffee, pop in in the cup, add hot water, and boom: you’ve got yourself a single cup of delicious filter coffee.

Located in Bloemfontein, BrewSpoon is also a fully-fledged local company, being manufactured right here in the good ole Republic.

A single BrewSpoon is currently retailing for R199. You can check out the range and spoon and coffee bundles available on BrewSpoon’s online store.

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