Heading to CT’s CBD? Here’s Exactly Where You Can Park


Both South Africans and overseas visitors are flocking to Cape Town, whether for business or pleasure, so it’s no surprise parking is becoming more and more of an issue for locals and visitors alike. It’s a symptom every major city suffers from – but luckily for the Mother City, there’s a solution in the palm of your hand! The ParkFind app uses tech to help relieve your parking headache and make travelling in the city a real pleasure.

Forget fumbling around for loose change in your ashtray, ParkFind streamlines payment for parking bays inside the city by using your smartphone. By following a few easy prompts you can register on the app and assign a debit or credit card that you can use to pay as you use parking spots, saving you from chasing down an attendant on the other side of the road.ParkFindPerhaps one of the best things about the ParkFind app is that it can help you identify open parking bays and guide you to them. They use a simple colour-coded system to signal parking availability in any given area – green to indicate available spots, orange to indicate open spots but they’re scarce and red to indicate that you should maybe try a different area.

Another helpful feature that they’ve incorporated is a real-time listed view of available parking bays in descending order, starting with those closest to you. This way you can expedite the process by just selecting whichever parking is closest and perhaps walking the rest of the way, or just getting a heads up on how far away from your destination you might have to park.

Once you’ve seen a green image pop up and you’ve made your selection, the ParkFind app will use your navigation app of choice and guide you straight to it. If you’re tearing your hair out over parking dilemmas give the app a shot and let it help you save some time and frustration.

For more info check out the video below which explaining how the app works!

Download Parkfind: Android | iOS

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For more information visit Parkfind.co.za or download the app now!


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