New IV Vitamin Therapy Centre Opens in Joburg

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If you’re interested in health trends, you’re going to love this: The IV Bar in Johannesburg offers intravenous vitamin therapy – vitamin drips that boost immunity and support recovery from exercise, illness and even hangovers! Located in the newly renovated BluBird Centre in Melrose North, the new IV Vitamin Therapy centre is geared towards helping you improve your health and reduce the risk of illness.

The IV vitamin therapy trend is growing at a rapid pace worldwide and combined with a balanced eating and exercise plan, this kind of intravenous therapy can help to keep you in tip-top shape. The benefits of intravenous therapy are plentiful with an assurance of a 100 percent absorption rate (as compared to 20 – 30 percent with oral vitamins, and 60 percent with injectable vitamins) of important vitamins and minerals.The IV Bar

It is said that people undergoing this type of therapy notice benefits immediately and the instant health advantages have made IV Therapy popular with athletes and fitness fanatics across the globe. IV Therapy has also been said to help improve the health of people with fibromyalgia as well as reduces stress levels, assist with fatigue, and help relieve migraines.

The IV Bar offers a variety of different drips to help with hydrating the skin, improving skin tone and pigmentation, enhancing energy levels, increasing immunity, and recovering from sports and exercise faster. The bar is medically supervised and in collaboration with the BluBird Medical Centre and a medical professional, Dr Daniel Israel. Clients are administered the drip by registered nurses over as little time as 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your individual dosage needed, and each drip is combined in a sterile laboratory (The Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa).

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The current drips on offer include Energy Boost, Skin Brightening, Immune Boost, Sports Recovery, Detox, and Hangover Recovery.

For more details, visit The IV Bar website or say Hi to The IV Bar on Facebook.

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