Here’s a Heads-up on the Biggest Online Furniture Sale this Month!

TFG Home sale

There’s two things that humans are predisposed to seriously hate: dealing with queues and stubbing your toe on awkward furniture. Well, we’ve got some good news for you – we can solve both those problems and give you an extra bonus.

You see, @home has launched its online shopping platform, allowing you to purchase the very-best furniture online (solving the whole queuing thing), giving you the option to buy some slick and sleek furniture (saving your foot digits), and the bonus: there’s a huge promotion going down this week! @home has announced its Godzilla-crushing Living Room Event, which gives online shoppers exclusive deals on the incredible home furniture items now listed online and available to interweb-users countrywide!

So, you’ve got the perfect reason rid yourself of that toe-killer of an old couch and get your hands on some great new furniture, all with a few clicks.

And the promotion is also available in-store, if you’re more of an in-person, hands-on shopper.

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Check out all the Living Room Event specials HERE, and some of the standout deals below: TFG Home sale And in case you didn’t know, @home part of the TFG online mall. This means you can indulge in a variety of brands and TFG stores (such as Markham, Fabiani, Totalsports, Due South, Sportscene, and more) in one seamless online e-mall experience, and throwing all your desired items into one single online cart, rather than having to do different checkouts for each store. The respective sites are also fully mobile-optimised, and have a few more innovative tech enhancements to improve the shopper experience; like the introduction of automated wish list messaging and a special occasion reminder calendar personalised to each shopper. Store account holders can pay using their store cards, as well as credit cards. But if that isn’t enough option for you the site also features EFT, SnapScan and eGift Cards alternative forms of payment. Pretty nifty, no? Visit the TFG online to browse and shop. TFG Home sale

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