We all know YouTube is the most useful thing in the history of ever. You can learn to do almost anything on YouTube. Countless Millennial woman owe their flawless makeup looks to beauty YouTubers who spend hours creating and uploading detailed makeup tutorials for us makeup challenged mortals to try. As a result beauty trends take off faster than ever before and many people take the word of beauty YouTubers as gospel. Alas, for ladies living in the 90s, the pre-YouTube era, life wasn’t as easy. Back then, beauty video bloggers (vloggers) didn’t exist and a woman’s only concept of what was a trendy came from televised makeup ads and beauty magazines.

But, what if beauty vloggers existed in the 90s? What if you could subscribe and receive your monthly makeup tutorial video tape in the post? Luckily we don’t have to wonder what that makeup tutorial would look like because beauty YouTube sensation, Jaime French is filling in the blanks with her hilarious new video; “If Beauty YouTubers existed in 1999”.

This latest viral video isn’t Jamie’s first time blowing up the internet with her unique brand of beauty-themed comedy. The YouTuber and makeup artist first started gathering attention with her Tiny Hands Makeup Tutorial in 2018, which to date has amassed a total of 257,860 views on YouTube. Her latest video “If Beauty YouTubers existed in 1999” is currently sitting on a whopping 861,721 views, and counting, on YouTube.

From zig-zag partings to roll-on body glitter, the 90s were filled with ‘interesting’ beauty trends, and now you can see them all come to life once more in this laugh-a-minute video tutorial by the much-loved makeup artist.

Watch the full video below and, for more laughs, don’t forget to subscribe to Jaime French on YouTube and Facebook.

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