How to Buy Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Clothing in South Africa

Good American

Khloe Kardashian is known for many things, one of those things is a talent for breaking convention. While the Kardashian sister works out like a beast to maintain her killer body, she’s also super vocal about the fact that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that fashion should be made to fit women, not the other way around. So it makes perfect sense that, after years of failing to find jeans and clothing that fit her body type, she decided to develop her own line of clothing designed for a curvier, sexier and stronger shape. Kardashian launched Good American with business partner Emma Grede in 2016 with a range of jeans. Good American was an instant smash hit, making $1 million in sales on its first day.

According to the pair, body ideals really have shifted in the last few years and Good American is the answer to that. When the brand launch, Kardashian said; “Emma and I both agreed there was something missing from the denim community. Whenever we bought new jeans, it was hard for us to find a pair that fit our body types, and even when we did, they’d always need alterations. We knew if we both had this problem, there must be tons of girls who did too. So we set out to make a denim line that’s sexy and flattering, and made to fit you – not the other way round.”

Good American

Developed with everyday women in mind, Good American offers real solutions for women we want to look and feel more confident in their clothes. Compared to a lot of other clothing brands out there, Good American is much more diverse when it comes to shapes and sizes. For example, all the jeans in the collection are available in a range of sizes range from size 00-24 (0 – 26 UK), offering a solution for every woman.

Fans of Good American can’t praise the fit of the garments enough and after much success, the brand has now gone on to include activewear, swimwear, dresses, and more in the range. Good American jeans range from $99 (about R1,600) – $189 (about R3,200) while other items are priced as low as $29 (about R480). The entire collection can be shopped online from the Good American website.

But, as amazing as the clothing sounds, there’s one caveat: the Good American range is not available to buy in South Africa. So, how do you get a slice of the Good American clothing pie?

How do I get Good American to South Africa?

Good American

The solution to opening up the figurative doors to overseas online shopping, allowing you to now shop for anything you see on the US or UK eBay marketplaces, is Postbox Courier.

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With Postbox Courier, you get a personal postbox address in New York City, London, and other hubs across the world. You can then use this address to purchase online from various international stores, send the package to your unique US or UK address, and the trusty team at Postbox Courier will ensure to get it from there right back here to your doorstep in the good ole Republic.

You can even combine orders at the depots before sending them to SA, so that means you can bundle a handful of orders from Amazon, eBay, and other online stores before consolidating them and sending it over.

Postbox Courier is FREE to sign-up, and they’ve even got a handy calculator on their homepage to let you estimate what your shipping costs will be.

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