How to Decorate Pot Planters in an Ingenious & Easy Way

Builders pots

Pots are pots, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to add some pizzaz to your garden or household. With just a bit of harlequin paint, you can give your old pots a fresh look for summer – and the best bit, there’s no primer needed! Our friends at Builders have given us 5 decorative and easy DIY ideas for cement, terracotta and plastic planter pots. The sky’s the limit, so get painting and decorating!

Watch this quick video for some inspiration and then keep reading to find out just how you can recreate these looks in your own garden:

What you’ll need:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Craft knife
  • 100-grit sandpaper
  • Harlequin’s Gardeners Pot Paint in the colours of your choice. We used Pot Black, Snow White, Bill ’n Ben, Night Fall and Little Weed.

Paint a pot with two coats of Snow White, then use a small brush to make dots randomly around the pot in Pot Black.

Tip: Before painting on plastic, give it a light sand to key the surface.

Builders pots 4

Paint one half of a pot with two coats of Bill ‘n Ben and the other with two coats of Little Weed. We did a freehand line but you can use painter’s tape if you prefer precision.

Paint an entire pot with two coats of Snow White, letting the paint dry between coats. Then use the painter’s tape to create a chevron pattern. Cut the tape where it overlaps to form neat triangles and then fill in with Little Weed.

Paint a pot with two coats of Snow White, then mark up a herringbone pattern using painter’s tape. Add two coats of Night Fall and then peel off the painter’s tape to reveal the striking pattern.

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Paint a pot with two coats of Bill ‘n Ben, letting it dry between coats. Using an artist’s brush, paint freehand three horizontal lines in Pot Black around the pot with little triangular details at the top edge of the lines.

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And if you need some help around the house? Builders has more incredible DIY tips and tricks that you can check out HERE. And for all your other DIY needs, remember that you can register and shop online at Builders.

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