How to Earn a Ton of Rewards Every Week


We all know that speech we have with ourselves when we’re about to splurge out on a purchase – “Do I really need it?”, “I haven’t spent much on myself lately, I deserve this!”, “I’ll just spend a little less on takeaways this month – it’ll be fine!”. Every shopper is keenly familiar with our little internal monologues we have before getting that snazzy new pair of sneakers.

There’s a slightly easier way to go about shopping, though, and one that means you can spend the same amount of money you’re spending now, but still manage to treat yourself once in a while. By signing up with Legacy Lifestyle’s premier rewards program, where you earn points that convert into Legacy Lifestyle Rands, you won’t need to cut out all the fun spending – but rather plan it a little better to exploit all the great benefits you can get!

The first step is to set up a pretty standard budget for yourself – make a list of all the things that you already routinely buy:

  • Airtime
  • Food
  • Entertainment-related expenses
  • Clothing

Then, keep track of the bigger purchases you know will come up. Whether you need a new laptop sometime soon, have someone important’s birthday coming up and you need to get a gift, and so on. It’s great to make larger purchases from participating partners because some of our money is going to come back to you.

Now – check out the huge list of Legacy Lifestyle partners all over South Africa that will earn you points. We’ve compiled a list of their partners that you’re probably going to find useful for all the compulsory monthly expenses:

  • Dis-Chem
  • The Cross Trainer
  • The Gadget Shop
  • Faithful to Nature
  • The Brewery
  • World Wildlife Fund

Once you’ve planned your frequent shopping stops and you’ve found stores on Legacy Lifestyle’s list (there’s pretty much nothing they don’t have), you can start earning some serious points. As you tally up your points, most of those nice to have things are sitting on shelves at The Cross Trainer or The Gadget Shop – and you’ll be able to use your Lifestyle Rands to get the finer things in life. There’s even a host of charities you can donate to that’ll help do a little more good in the world!

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Spending less is always good, but when you can’t avoid it spending, smarter is far better. So if you’re keen making your money go further without having to skimp on anything, head over to the Legacy Lifestyle site to sign up and starting racking up those rewards!


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