How to Find Balance & Happiness as a Mom Entrepreneur


For mothers who want to both work and spend time with their kids, starting a home-based business is a popular option, and these days we’re seeing more moms take the plunge to becoming “Mompreneurs”. But it’s not all sunshine and daisies, in fact starting a business with the added pressure of being a work-at-home mom can prove to be a mammoth task. Of course, the benefits of being your own boss with more flexible working hours make being a mompreneur all the more worth it. Just ask, Suzie de Carvalho, founder of baby apparel brand, ForevaV – since starting her business in October 2016 Suzie is passionate about inspiring other moms to follow in her footsteps and bring home the bacon.

Suzie had always dreamed of starting her own fashion label but it wasn’t until little Eva arrived that the former graphic designer was inspired to dive into designing baby apparel and open an online store. Focusing on high-quality products for the discerning baby (and parent), each item in the ForEVaV range is personally designed by Suzie and made with the highest quality organic fabrics and premium leathers. In between designing new products, managing online orders, negotiating with suppliers and stockist, and of course, marketing her brand, Suzie also finds the time to be a mom to her baby daughter, Eva Valentina, who the brand is named after.

ForEvaV Baby apparel

But finding a balance isn’t always easy: “The most challenging aspect of being a working mom is finding time and balance to do it all, explains Suzie. “You have to make sure that you are always present in the special moments, all the while still running a business and making sure it succeeds.” For Suzie, it’s about taking the good with the bad. “You also have to make sure that when the bad days are there (I’m sure many mommies will know what I mean by this) that you still keep moving forward in building a home life as well as a brand at the same time!”

And if there’s one thing she suggests you do it’s to remember to put family and yourself first. “As important as work is, so is a balance of family life and ‘time-outs’ for yourself,” says Suzie. “As a mom, I have to schedule time for certain things – be it time for my hubby, or doing my hair or nails – but I find that I always try and put Eva first and then the rest will follow.” Suzie also takes time out to appreciate the benefits being a mompreneur allows. There are loads of benefits to being your own boss and in the long run, the extra time you get to spend with your kids is priceless. Suzie explains that “the absolute best thing about being a mompreneur is that I can actually take this journey with my baby and not miss out on a thing. It’s the one thing I am most grateful for.”

ForEvaV Baby apparel

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As for advice on how to get started with your own business Suzie says she encourages moms to just do it – take that plunge. “If you are passionate and you know in your heart that this is something you can do, then take the first small step in the right direction and pursue your goals. All it takes is the first step!”

ForevaV baby apparel and accessories are available from selected baby boutiques in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban as well as online from Don’t forget to say Hi to ForEvaV on Facebook and Instagram.

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