Starbucks’ New Food Menu is Even Bigger and Better

If you’re feeling peckish when picking up your morning cuppa, you’ll be glad to know that Starbucks has expanded its food menu. Featuring seven new food items for a quick grab-and-go, these treats are the perfect accompaniments to your favourite Starbucks brew. They’re classic and dependable lunchtime options, like a chicken mayo bagel or a pecan pie if you’re feeling naughty, that will have you coming back again and again.

The menu, which is available in all Starbucks stores in South Africa, includes:

BBQ Pulled Beef on Light Rye

This healthy lunchtime sandwich option features BBQ pulled beef, mayo and rocket on a light rye roll.

Chicken, Mayo and Avo Baguette
That old classic combination of yummy chicken mixed with mayonnaise and dressed with avocado.

Cream Cheese Bagel
New York-style, this soft bagel with smooth cream cheese and chives can be enjoyed as a breakfast or lunch snack.

Pastrami and Mustard Bagel
Amp up your bagel with sliced pastrami and sweet mustard mayo.

And for dessert…

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Vanilla Twist
A sweetly vanilla flavoured flaky Danish-style dessert.

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road
This decadent treat contains dark chocolate topped with a chewy layer of nuts, chocolate, and marshmallows.

Caramel Pecan Tart
The ultimate dessert, this classic with its buttery crust and delicious pecan and caramel filling is topped with crushed pecan nuts.

Who’s hungry? Why not pick up one of these delish treats on your next Starbucks run? For more information visit the Starbucks South Africa website.

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