Tried & Tested: 5 Life-changing Hair Products [Review]

love Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly

There are few things that give us more grief than unmanageable hair. Whether you were blessed with thick locks, a curly mop, or fine and fair hair, we’ve all got our share of bad hair day problems! I’ve tried a lot of hair products over the years and have decided it’s time to weed through the good, the bad, and the ugly to share my best hair product finds that have actually changed my life. These 7 superstar hair products and tools will help you look after your strands like an absolute pro.

1. For scalp issues, thin hair, and hair loss: Trichotin Hair Regenesis

Trichotin Hair Regenesis

There’s no doubt, Trichotin changed my life. This stuff really is the bee’s knees! I suffer from scalp psoriasis and since I started using this supplement, my scalp has never looked and felt this healthy. The inflammation on my scalp has decreased significantly and for the first time in forever, I can say that the condition of my scalp is improving. Add to that the fact that I experienced way less hair loss just three months after I started using the product and it’s easy to see why it’s a winner in my books.

Want to know more? You can read my full review on Trichotin Hair Regenesis here or buy it from the Fusion Laboratories website at R398 for a 1-month supply (30 tablets). 

2. For unruly hair and knots that won’t quit: Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly

Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly packaging

If you’ve got thick, curly, or Afri hair then this brush can do no wrong. It slides through thick, unruly hair like a knife through butter and if you’ve ever had a brush or a comb break in your hands while trying to comb out knots then this brush will prove to be your holy grail. I’ve tried all sorts of things to detangle my hair, including brushes, leave-in conditioners, oils, you name it, I’ve tried it. All of them have left me, literally pulling my hair out. That’s right, not much has worked to make my curly hair easier to manage until Tangle Teezer. What makes this little guy so different from The Original Tangle Teezer is the teeth. The bristles are longer (an additional 4mm) and stronger than The Original with teeth that are firm but flexible so hair is detangled and brushed with no pulling, tugging or tearing.

Want to know more? You can read my full review on the Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly here or buy it online from Retail Box at R240.

3. To cover up roots between salon visits: BACK2BLONDE

EVERPRObeauty Back2Blonde

Tired of having to touch up your roots every 4 weeks? Regular salon visits can cost a pretty penny but now you can stretch out your salon visits with this handy root cover up spray. Blondes will love this BACK2BLONDE range from EVERPRObeauty, which includes a range of three Temporary Root Concealer Sprays in different shades (Light, Medium and Dark Blonde) and three Temporary Root Touch-up Magnetic Powders in the same shades. These 6 products offer coverage for up to nine shades of blonde thanks to the self-adjusting colour technology which allows you to build and blend colour as you need. The Temporary Root Concealer Sprays are perfect for at-home use before heading out the door while the Temporary Root Touch-up Magnetic Powder is a more compact version which offers coverage when you’re on the go. But that’s not all – it’s also an awesome way to get temporary and affordable highlights in brunette hair. I sprayed my whole head with the stuff and was left with soft, shiny hair that looked oh-so-sun-kissed.

Want to know more? You can read my full review on EVERPRObeauty BACK2BLONDE here or buy it from Clicks for R225 for the spray or powder.

4. For fighting humidity: Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray

Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray

Humidity and the wind are the enemies of any curly-haired girl, and short of moving to the desert or the moon, there’s not much we can do about it. But when it comes to combatting things like humidity, wind, and other frizz causing factors, I do have one secret weapon in my arsenal: Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray. This miracle-working hair spray is like a rain coat for hair and isn’t sticky, crunchy, or flaky but still fights frizz like no other. It’s a wonder at setting hair styles and doesn’t make my hair feel like straw. I love it because it gives you all the volume boost and hold of other hairsprays but with fab frizz control and colour-fade protection.

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Buy it online from the Philip Kingsley website for R515.

5. To repair damage: MoroccanOil Original Treatment

MoroccanOil Original Treatment

This beautifully nourishing oil absorbs into the hair instantly and gives a natural, silky finish without leaving a sticky residue. It also restores damaged hair and helps controls frizz and while there are a ton of copycats out there, no oil performs silky smooth magic on my hair quite like the original MoroccanOil treatment. It might seem expensive, but the bottle lasts a super long time, making it a must-have for your beauty cupboard. There’s a reason there is consistently so much hype around this product and once you try it you will never go back. The formula features argan oils rich in vitamins A, E and F to relieve and repair damaged hair while also detangling and boosting shine. And, since it’s a styling and shine product in one, it’s a good one to pack into your summer beach bag. If you’re concerned the oil might be a little heavy for your hair then try the light version, it’s just as good but not as heavy as the original.

Buy it online from the Everything Hair for R540.

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