I Tried Micro-Needling for the First Time – Here’s What to Expect [Review]


I’ve been wanting to try micro-needling for a while now but I’m also a bit of a baby and the idea of someone sticking a bunch of tiny needles into my face didn’t exactly sound like a good time. I’ve got quite a reactive skin so I was terrified that I would walk out of the treatment room all bloody and red for days. But, when SIX Sensational Skincare offered me the chance to experience their new DermaSix pen and the Micro-Needling Collagen Induction Facial at the Westin Cape Town’s Heavenly Spa I decided to put on my big girl pants and try out the treatment.

For those new to the world of micro-needling it I can tell you that this treatment sounds far worse than it actually is. Rather than turning your face into a bloody mess, micro-needling is all about creating teeny tiny micro ‘wounds’ on the top layer of your skin using multiple fine sterile needles (from 0,5 to 2,5 mm in length). Basically, the wounds encourage your skin to heal, at the same time producing a surge of collagen which in turn helps to refine pores and improve the look of wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, and stretch marks. The treatment can also be used to improve the look of bags under the eyes and plump the lips. Regular micro-needling treatments can leave you with firmer, more youthful looking skin, which is a real win.

The DermaSix collagen pen

Previously this type of treatment was done using a handheld dermaroller but these days it’s all about the electric pen, which is much more effective. Loads of salons treat micro-needling clients with the DermaPen but Six has their very own version, the new DermaSix collagen pen. Six claims their pen superior to other pens on the market due to the fact that while other pens have just one speed setting, the DermaSix collagen pen has three and can also go much faster, which allows the skin therapist to work faster and go deeper into the top layer of the skin with less pain.

DermaSIX Collagen Pen

The DermaSix collagen pen also has four different attachments which allow your skin therapist to treat different areas and concerns in different ways. The single pen head can be used to target a particular line or concern and is a more affordable and natural alternative to botox. For a more intense, general treatment, a skin therapist would use the 12 pin head which is designed to treat a wide array of concerns on the face. If you’re looking to treat a bigger surface area, like the body, then you’re better off with the 36 pin head which is used to treat scarring, acne scars, and other concerns on the body. Lastly, there’s the microdermabrasion (or Nano) head which is used to exfoliate the skin, this treatment is the ideal alternative to a chemical peel for those who are fearful to go that route.

No painkillers needed – the DermaSix Facial

I experienced the DermaSix Micro-Needling Collagen Induction Facial with the 12 pin head and was surprised to find that I quite enjoyed it. The treatment is super luxurious and relaxing and the micro-needling part is so quick and only forms a short part of the hour-long treatment. The treatment started with a quick cleanse followed by applying a light anaesthetic numbing cream (it sounds way scarier than it is, promise!). Once my skin was numb the micro-needling started. The therapist quickly glided the pen over my skin and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn’t hurt one bit (thanks to the numbing cream I’m sure) and the micro-needling felt a lot like someone gently scratching or exfoliating my skin.

DermaSIX Collagen Pen

Once the pen had been used all over my face, the therapist applied a Six Booster Elixir Serum to my skin. The Six range of booster serums offers six serums in total, each with a different purpose that ranges from firming to brightening. The serums contain various botanical extracts and are the real hero of the facial. My therapist used the Tightening & Firming as well as the Brightening & Even Tone serums on my skin and then calmed the skin by applying the Six 02 Serum and massaged it in using cold marble stones. This step was wonderfully soothing and relaxing.

Finally, an alginate mask, enriched with french rose clay was applied to my entire face (eyes, nose, and mouth included) and was left to work its magic on my skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. The mask is by far the best part of the treatment and is super soothing and calming. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to improve blood circulation, as well as lift and smooth the skin. After the mask was peeled off, the therapist gently applied a light moisturiser and the SIX Broad Spectrum Sun Protection SPF50+ onto my skin.

DermaSIX Collagen Pen

The aftermath

My skin felt really great after this facial. There was a little bit of sensitivity but it felt more like a light sunburn and I wasn’t too concerned about the slight redness on my skin. I was expecting to look like a super ripe tomato after the treatment but it was just a light flush. My skin was still a little red the day after the treatment but I just covered it up using a tinted moisturiser. The days following this the redness was basically gone and my skin felt like it was back to normal.

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The day of the facial I was instructed not to wear any makeup or wash my face until the following morning which I obeyed and the next morning I went about my usual cleansing routine using the SIX aftercare pack I’d been given. This included the SIX Glycolic Acid 8% Foaming Wash, 02 Serum, Moisture Boost Mask, the two serums used in my treatment, and the SIX Age Reverse Moisturiser. I’ve been using this collection of products for about a month after the treatment and they have really helped me maintain the results of the facial.

Six Sensational Skincare

A month after the treatment (when the results are said to really start kicking in), my skin is looking and feeling great! I can definitely see an improvement in texture and brightness on the skin and I can see an improvement in the superfine laugh lines I have around my lips and eyes. Overall it’s the quality and texture of my skin that I am most impressed with and this alone would make me get this treatment again and again. It’s recommended that clients repeat the treatment every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain and improve the results of the micro-needling so I’m excited to go back and try it again soon.

Try it yourself

Perhaps one of the best things about the DermaSix pen is that the treatment costs are far cheaper than the DermaPen. You’re looking at between R650 and R950 for a micro-needling treatment at a spa – which is about half the price of a DermaPen treatment, making it so much more accessible to anyone looking to try out this results-driven treatment.

For more information and stockists visit the SIX Sensational Skincare website.

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