Indulge in a Delectable Craft Beer, Wine, & Soup Pairing at Perdeberg Wines this Winter

Pederberg soup pairing

If you can’t decide between your beloved craft beer or a delicious glass of wine to warm your heart this winter then why not visit Perdeberg Wines for a tasting experience that allows you to have your cake and eat it? This winter Perdeberg Wines will be warming the hearts and tummies of guests with its delectable Barrel & Hops Soup Pairing experience. Think rich, creamy, savoury spoonfuls of fragrant broths, served with crunchy bread or crispy croutons on the side, paired with fresh, malty beer or crisp, chilled wine… think Heaven!

With a hoppy infusion, this pairing is sure to appeal to both craft beer lovers and newbie beer drinkers looking to expand their horizons. Each Barrel & Hops Soup Pairing session consists of three different flavoured hearty soups paired with three of their newly launched Hops & Co Craft beers. But, of course, if wine is where your heart is then the craft beers can certainly be exchanged for three of their award-winning wines instead. This delicious new pairing offers something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re a wine lover or a beer fanatic.

Each pairing combination has been carefully arranged by Perdeberg Wines winemakers to provide guests with the best possible depth of flavour and exceptional tasting experience and the pairing consists of a hearty Butternut Soup paired with either the Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2015 or Hops & Co Pale Ale paired; a luxury Mushroom Soup paired with either the Vineyard Collection Malbec 2015 or Hops & Co Pilsner paired; and the tasty Tomato Soup paired with the Dryland Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 or Hops & Co Lager.

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The Barrel & Hops Soup Pairing is R70.00 is per person and booking essential. Find Perdeberg Wines at Vryguns Farm, Windmeul, Paarl. For more information and to book contact Terence at 021 869 8244 or email

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