INOAR Launches Kálice Multi-Functional Oil – a Multi-Tasking Product for Hair, Face, & Body [Review]

Inoar Kálice Multi-Functional Oil

If you ask me, multi-tasking beauty products are the straight-up business. Who wants to fuss about with a million and one products when you can use one, beautiful, luxurious wonder to do it all? I struggle with dry skin and hair but up until now finding a product to treat all my hydration woes seemed near impossible – that is until INOAR pulled a bit of a rabbit out of the hat with their new Kálice Multi-Functional Oil. We all know INOAR as the great saviour of hair but this multi-tasking beauty isn’t just for your hair it’s for your face and body too! This oil has so many different uses I haven’t even had the time to try them all yet but so far you can colour me impressed.

The oil is made from a blend of antioxidant-rich oils (think delights like argan, macadamia, sweet almond, myrrh, jasmine, rosemary and Ojon) and can be used to hydrate your hair, body or face when you need a moisture boost. This special combination of oils works together to moisturise, nourish, restore, soften, and protect the skin and hair and give you a long-lasting glow. Perhaps the most interesting of the oils in the product is Ojon – extracted from the Ojon tree nut this oil is being hailed for its restorative properties and is said to become the oil de jure in the coming months. Ojon is rich in essential lipids and can penetrate deep into the hair shaft making it an epic hydrator.

Inoar Kálice Multi-Functional Oil

As I said, the product has multiple uses and so far I’ve used it as a hot oil treatment for dry hair, an all-over body moisturiser, hair styling product (it’s brilliant for taming frizz and flyaways!), makeup primer, makeup remover, AND a cuticle oil. Yes indeed, this oil is the product that just keeps on giving. The product also has the most beautiful floral scent so it works as a hair perfume and a subtle body perfume as well.

If you’re planning on using it on the face and body you’ll be thrilled to hear that Kálice is a dry oil so it absorbs into the skin quite quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or overly oily residue on the skin. It leaves skin feeling ultra-soft and nourished after applying and if you’ve got dry skin like me then you will definitely want to try adding a drop of the oil to your moisturiser every night before bed or using it as a makeup primer. Foundation looks flawless when wearing this product underneath and I can’t recommend it enough. I have also loved using this as a makeup remover and was stunned when it removed stubborn waterproof mascara and long-wearing lipsticks with absolute ease.

Inoar Kálice Multi-Functional Oil

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As for using it on your hair, a little goes a long way. You can either put a drop of the oil in your hands and run it through the ends of damp hair after washing or use it as a hot oil pre-treatment before washing. If you’re a little lazy and just want some added moisture then you can also just add a little to your conditioner or mask treatment for a 2-in-1 product that will work wonders.

I have loved the effect Kálice has had on my hair the last few weeks and it has proven to be a frizz tamer of note. I love this product so much I’m even going to start testing it as a pre-swimming conditioner this summer to see if it will rescue my hair from the crazy drying combination of sun, salt water, and chlorine (hold thumbs for me!).

INOAR Kálice Multifunctional Oil is available from leading hair salons and beauty spas nationwide but you can also buy it online from the INOAR South Africa website at R780.00 for 100ml or R105.00 for 8ml.

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