Kiss Launches Dip Powder Nail Kits For Salon-Level Results at Home

Kiss Salon Dip Kits

In case you missed it; there’s a new trend in at-home manicures, and it’s got nothing to do with paint-on nail lacquer. Forget trying to perfect an at-home gel manicure; dip powder manicures are here to change the game, no UV lamp needed! While dip powder manicures are by no means new (the treatment has been offered as a professional treatment in salons for quite some time), recently many nail care brands have developed DIY versions for customers to use at home.

As a result, the trend is flourishing overseas in the US and UK as many customers opt to take a break from the nail salon. The great news is, South African beauties can now get in on the action and try their hand at the trend too, thanks to nail care brand, Kiss.

Kiss Salon Dip Kits

The much-loved pharmacy brand is known for its affordable, results-driven at-home nail care solutions, and now it’s bringing South Africans a brand-new innovation with the Kiss Salon Dip Kits.

What is a dip powder manicure?

Dip powder manicures are typically longer-lasting than their gel counterparts (they can typically last up to one month), and they also don’t require any UV light to harden. The system also yields similar, even-coated results as acrylic manicures — but since there is no harsh UV light and no false nail tips needed, dip powder manicures are also said to be less damaging to your nails in the long term.

Kiss Salon Dip Kits

With at-home dip powder kits, you can take your nail appointments to the bedroom and save money and time on salon visits. You can easily get the same results as you would with a gel or acrylic manicure in a salon, and you don’t have to worry about having a steady hand or being an ace at painting your nails.

When it comes to removal, you will need to remove dip powder nail colour using the same process as gel — dipping a cotton pad in acetone and allow it to sit on your nails for 10 to 15 minutes before wiping the colour away.

Kiss Salon Dip Kits

Kiss Salon Dip Kits

Kiss offers two Dip Kits in South Africa — the Kiss Salon Dip Professional Dipping System (R359,99) and Salon Dip Colour System (R499,95).

The no-fuss dip colour starter kit includes all the basic tools you’ll need to get the job done at home, plus one pale pink powder. The smaller starter kit contains nail tips that you can dip in the powder, while the bigger kit (Salon Dip Colour System) doesn’t. The kits also differ in terms of base shades; the starter kit offers a more nude shade, while the bigger kit is a nude-pink. The bigger kit contains an activator, top gel coat, base coat and a brush softener while the smaller kit only contains the activator and a brush-on gel.

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Rather than painting your nails, with this kit you simply dip your nails or artificial nail tips into a powder pigment after applying the included Base Gel and then seal it in with the Activator liquid.

Kiss Salon Dip Kits

Also included in the box is a simple guide on exactly how to use the kit (you can also watch the step-by-step DIY tutorial here). It’s basically an at-home manicure for dummies, with customers online saying they particularly love how easy it is to use — even for beginners — and how long the colour stays on.

If you’re looking for a splash of colour beyond the base shades then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Kiss has also brought the individual powder colour pots into the county. There are a wide variety of shades to choose from, including glitter shades.


The Kiss Salon Dip Professional Dipping System (R359,99) and Salon Dip Colour System (R499,95) is available online from Takealot and Yooper, as well as in-store from Clicks and Dis-chem. The individual dip colour pots are priced at R190 each at Clicks.

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