Laser Hair Straightening is Now a Thing! [Watch]

Laser Hair treatment

Ladies, put down those flat irons, there’s a new way to straighten your hair … with lasers! While you might think it sounds like something out of Star Trek, this treatment is indeed real and being used by more and more hairdressers when carrying out semi-permanent straightening treatments.

According to the manufacturer of Photon Lizzie, the space-age hair gadget uses ‘Photonic Ray Emission’ technology in conjunction with Keratin hair straightening treatments to give clients a laser straight finish. After applying the Keratin product to the hair, a stylist uses the small, handheld laser device to run over the hair piece by piece and achieve a smooth, straight look. The brand also claims that the device strengthens hair, as well as enhancing the effects of the Keratin treatment, making it last longer than a regular Brazilian Blowout.

Laser Hair treatment

As much as most of us would love a laser hair straightener at home, the product is not yet recommended for use at home. Photon Lizzie explains that despite the product using “perfectly safe LED light, that will never damage hair or skin” it is still advised that women only get the treatment from a trained hairdresser.

Sadly, the treatment isn’t available in South Africa just yet but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before laser hair straightening hits our shores!

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Watch the treatment in action here:

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