Visit The Lash & Beauty Room for the Best Lash Extensions in Cape Town! [Review]

Lash and beauty room

There’s no doubt about it; lash extensions are officially the best thing since sliced bread. Think about it; before lash extensions women would spend countless hours carefully applying mascara to their barely-there lashes to plump, extend, and volumise them in the hopes that they could improve upon the eyelashes they were dealt. But not today. These days modern women are casting aside the daily fuss of applying mascara in favour of this miraculous breakthrough and I for one couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I’ve had lash extensions on numerous occasions and each time I am blown away by how amazing it is to have instantly beautiful eyelashes every day. And now, after the longest time searching for THE best place in Cape Town to get them done I’ve found it (rejoice!). Here’s why you need to book a lash appointment at The Lash & Beauty Room in Cape Town … and STAT!

Specialising in the intricate art of eyelash extensions, The Lash & Beauty Room is owned and run by lash master, Emma Brink and her team of highly qualified beauty therapists who believe that a natural look is the only way to go. That’s right, these ladies can make it look like you were born with beautifully thick and luscious lashes. They’re debunking the overly done, fake Barbie stereotypes that lash extensions have received over the past couple of years and showing ladies that having lash extensions can be a fuss-free beauty solution for anyone and everyone. In fact, they’re perfect for lazy ladies who love having a low-maintenance beauty routine. I’m extremely lazy when it comes to applying makeup so for me having lash extensions is like having a mini holiday. Every morning I just get up, brush them out, apply eyeliner and head out the door – bliss!

Lash and beauty room

So now that you know there’s no question that you’re getting lash extensions for the holiday season let’s talk about why you need to score a booking at The Lash & Beauty Room. In my mind they are the best in the biz here in Cape Town. They use only the highest quality synthetic mink lashes with a safe formaldehyde-free and latex-free medical grade bonding agent and they are beyond precise when applying them. The lashes they use feel super-natural and light on your eyes (which I have come to appreciate after a terrible experience with cheap plastic lashes poking me in the eyelid) and are also super soft.

After about an hour on the treatment bed I looked in the mirror to find that my lashes were completely transformed – my therapist had done the most incredible job at giving me beautifully full lashes that lasted for up to three weeks! I have long lashes already but struggle with volume and I was blown at how long the extensions lasted for me and also how light they were. In fact, at times I forgot I was even wearing lash extensions which is how it should be!

Lash and beauty room

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Another bonus is that it was pain-free. Not that there’s any pain involved in the extensions process but one of the things I hate about getting lash extensions is your eyes stinging from the bonding agent once you open your eyes for the first time and this time around that didn’t happen at all. The reason? The Lash & Beauty Room is super professional when it comes to applying lash extensions and clients are treated as if they are getting any other beauty treatment. My therapist applied soft, gel-like pads underneath my eyes to protect my eyes from the bonding agent and soothe them throughout the treatment and great care was taken to ensure that I was comfortable and safe the whole time. That alone will make me choose The Lash & Beauty Room as my number one lash extension spot forever and always.

Another thing I loved about the Lash & Beauty Room is the decor. The beauty salon is super pretty and the treatment rooms are tranquil and beautifully decorated. They also had a number of treatment rooms available to cater for multiple clients and treatments at once. The beauty salon also offers women a variety of other beauty treatments including !QMS Medicosmetics Treatments, Massages, Spray Tanning, Mani’s, Pedi’s, Gelish as well as Waxing. A full set of lashes will set you back R700.

You can find The Lash & Beauty Room at 2 Crescent Street, Corner Crescent and Constantia Road, Upper Wynberg. For more information say Hi to The Lash & Beauty Room on Facebook or visit their website.

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