Lautus Savvy White, SA’s Very First De-alcoholised Wine Hits the Shelves

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to booze this festive season, there’s a brand new, no-guilt wine on the shelves! Lautus Savvy White is SA’s first de-alcoholised wine with just 0.5% alcohol! Crafted in the traditional way, with an extra step in the process to remove the alcohol without removing any of that divine grape goodness, Lautus Savvy White is a teetotaler’s dream come true.

With this delicious new wine offering, you still get the experience of enjoying a deliciously crisp, fruity white wine without any of the guilt! Lautus stays true to its namesake – Latin for ‘pure’, this de-alcoholised wine is just that. Healthy and delicious without compromising on quality is what Lautus is all about. With gorgeously tropical flavours and a big, robust finish, it upturns the notion that low alcohol drinks don’t really taste all that great.

Even better news is that while it’s big on flavour, its also really low on calories – 52kJ per 100ml to be exact. It’s perfect for those who can’t drink for whatever reason, including pregnant women and designated drivers, or those who would just prefer to be healthier this season.

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Lautus Savvy White is available exclusively at selected Woolworths stores or directly from the Lautus website at R59.95 per bottle.

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