This Sunscreen Oil is What You’ve Been Searching for All Summer Long! [Review]

Lipidol sunscreen

Everyone loves to get a little bit of sun every now and then – and if you don’t then you really should because Vitamin D is all kinds of good for you. Of course, the only downside to spending time in the sun is having to slather on sunscreen – I personally loathe the stuff. Well, let me clarify, I loathe the stuff that makes my skin feel clogged and sticky – it’s the absolute worst and I won’t lie, it’s this feeling that often makes me a little bit slack when it comes to applying sunscreen. Which, for a fair-skinned lass like me is a bad idea! So, when Lipidol sent me their Sunscreen Oil to try out you can imagine that I was super skeptical – “If sun lotion made my skin feel icky then just imagine what an oil would do”, I thought. But boy was I wrong! This stuff is liquid gold ladies and is hands down THE best sunscreen I have ever used. Here’s why Lipidol’s Sunscreen Oil is what you’ve been searching for all summer long!

If you’ve been following beauty trends of late then you may have noticed that beauty oils are all the rage right now. Everyone and their dog has cottoned on to the beauty of skincare oils and their ability to nourish and protect your skin. If you’re not yet sold on using a cleansing oil or body oil on your skin then you need to consider at least using a sunscreen oil – namely the oh-so-awesome one from Lipidol. You might think putting an oil on your skin might spell bad news when you’re going in the sun but this oil does a great job of protecting you from the sun.

Lipidol sunscreen oil

The SPF 20 oil is great for lasses who spend a responsible amount of time in the sun (I’m talking a quick sun tanning session not hours-long stints in the sun) and who want their sunscreen to put something back into their skin. Apply this sunscreen oil for the first time I was amazed at how quickly it absorbed and how soft and smooth my skin felt after applying. There was no sticky, greasy residue and I wasn’t compelled to wipe it all off seconds after applying (an urge I am  always fighting with other sunscreens). I also loved that my skin had a beautiful glow to it which, I won’t lie made me feel a bit like a Greek goddess on the beach.

The beauty of the Lipidol Sunscreen Oil is that it supplements the skin’s natural oily layer that is stripped away by sun, wind and water. If you hate having dry, lack-lustre skin after spending a day in the sun then this sunscreen oil will be your new favourite product. The product is perfect for ladies with sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic (meaning it is designed not to cause blocked pores). What’s more, it’s fragranced with Cypress and Basil essential oils so you will smell great at the beach too!

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I also l.o.v.e, love the minimalist packing – the product is packaged in a see-through bottle with a simple embossed-style label and you can clearly see how much of the product is left as you use it. It has a screw cap and dispenses with a light squeeze of the bottle. You do need to be careful not to overapply this product but after a few trips to the pool you will get the hang of how much to use for each application.

The Lipidol oil range is exclusive to Clicks stores nationwide and the Lipidol Sunscreen Oil will set you back just R79.95 (for a sunscreen that is BEYOND well priced!)

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  • wow, this sounds amazing, i will have to try it AND the price is excellent too… R79.95 that’s a real bargain, sunscreen prices are ridiculous now days <3

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