Love Gin? Then You Have to Try Inverroche Artisan Gin!

Inverroche Gin

Forget craft beer and ciders there’s a new booze trend in town and I’m beyond excited about it! If you thought G&Ts were only for your granny then think again because gin is making a comeback and it’s all thanks to the rise of the craft gin movement! So now that you know that G&Ts are super fashionable again let’s talk about a certain local craft gin that you simply have to try. No excuses, it’s time for you to march to your nearest good bottle store and pick up a bottle of Inverroche artisan gin! 

Located in Stilbaai, this rather progressive craft distillery creates a range of uniquely South African spirits using rare hand-harvested wild African Fynbos – yes that’s right, Fynbos! The range includes a 7-year-old Cape Potstill Rum and three unique gins including the Gin Classic (infused with 15 different botanicals and double distilled), Gin Verdant (a subtly infused spirit with a soft aromatic floral finish) and Gin Amber (a luscious, complex gin with fresh citrus and juniper notes). Each gin has its own unique flavour but trust me, there is no ‘average’ or less exciting gin in this range because they are simply incredible.

The thing that makes this gin so unique is the fact that it is hand-crafted and distilled in small batches with limited volume. They are made slowly and carefully to ensure that each bottle offers nothing but the most exceptional product. This also means that all three gins are perfect for making a refreshing gin and tonic and all you need to do is add ice, tonic water and a twist of lemon or an orange zest. In fact they even have a recipe for the perfect G&T using, Inverroche on the website so make sure you check it out!

The entire Inverroche range is available from Norman Good Fellows (both online and in-store). A 750ml bottle of Inverroche Gin will set you back about R269. Click here to buy your first bottle nowYou can also order  Inverroche at selected bars and restaurants – the gin is available at Publik wine bar in Cape Town. 

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For more information on Inverroche and their range visit the Inverroche website and say Hi to Inverroche Distillery on Facebook.

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