Malfy Gin, a Gin with Italian Flair Arrives in South Africa!

Malfy Gin South Africa

Gin lovers, there’s a new kid on the block and it’s packed with Italian flair. Distilled with juniper and 5 other botanicals, Malfy Gin has just arrived on South African shores to offer a little Italian style to South African gin lovers. Now, we know what you’re thinking – gin from Italy? Yup, believe it or not, Gin was actually invented in Italy, by Italian monks who first added locally foraged juniper to their distilled spirits back in 1050 AD. Malfy Gin, with its bold Italian design, and unique citrus character, is definitely worth a look next time you visit the bottle store.

As we mentioned, it is the infusion of the local Italian botanicals and lemons, which themselves have a rich history in Italian culture, that give Malfy a distinctive twist. The gin is produced at the distillery in Moncalieri, just outside of Torino, an area famous for its wines and spirits. The lemons used to infuse the gin are from the Amalfy coast, which is where Malfy’s name is derived from. These Italian Coastal lemons give Malfy the lemon-zest aroma of a freshly picked lemon. Italian juniper and five other botanicals, including coriander, angelica, and cassia bark are also used in Malfy’s production, and help create this special gin’s delicious and refreshing bite.

Malfy Gin is difficult not to notice on the shelves – lively colours of blue and yellow are central in its bottle design and brand identity. Blue represents the Mediterranean and the yellow pays tribute to the citrus used in making this gin. Malfy’s bottle is decorated using traditional Italian glass-design techniques and the stopper is made in Italy from real oak.

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Malfy Gin will be available in all major retail chains and independent liquor stores around the country in a 750 ml bottle and will set you back about R350 per bottle. For more information say Hi to Malfy Gin SA on Facebook.

Please note: the WomenStuff team has not yet sampled Malfy Gin – this is purely a news, interest story.
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