McCain Launches Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

Following a healthy diet is a tough job and there’s so much conflicting information out there that choosing what diet to follow can be harder than deciding what colour to dye your hair this month. No matter what diet you’re following there’s no doubt that a delicious and oh-so-healthy, slow release carbohydrate like sweet potato should be included in your weekly meal plan – even if it’s just sweet potato fries. Switching out your regular French fry fix for a healthier option is never a bad idea and if you’re concerned that sweet potato fries can be a mission to cut, prepare and bake then you’ll be excited to hear about McCain’s new Sweet Potato Fries.

This new good-for-you carb gives you a delicious and crispy weekday dinner option that will go perfectly with grilled chicken, steak and even fish. Sweet potato is not only tasty but is also good for the body, it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients that help in digestive and heart health and is also a slow release carbohydrate which helps to manage the glucose in the body. This controls energy levels and appetite which means that you feel fuller for longer making sure that there aren’t any grumbling tummies after dinner.

Not only are McCain’s new Sweet Potato fries packed with all things that are good but they are also the only sweet potato fries made with the orange flesh sweet potato. The fries are super easy to prepare as well and can be cooked from frozen. To make the perfect batch of healthy sweet potato fries simply pop them in the oven and cook until they’re lovely, crisp and light golden.

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The new McCain Sweet Potato Fries are available in selected retail stores across the country at a suggested price of R38 per pack. 

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