10 Must-have Super Fun Accessories That Won’t Break the Bank!

Pokemon aren’t the only things we’re collecting this summer! From glamorous keyrings to fun headphones, hats, handbags, and more, we’re going bonkers over accessories. These cute and quirky must-haves are packed with personality and are the easiest way to treat yourself, or a friend, this summer. And the best bit? They’re affordable to boot! Here are just 10 super fun and fabulous accessories that we can’t live without in the coming months.

Get fluffed!

From Cara Delevingne’s Fendi bag puff ball to Kylie Jenner’s over-sized pom-poms keyring, furry bobbles are all the rage this summer season. While they may seem all kinds of pointless there’s no doubt that we want one, and now! Pop one on your favourite handbag for an instant bit of glam or attach it to your keys for a statement of note. MRP has loads of these little guys in stock this summer and you can find them in every colour imaginable. Plus, at just R29.99 each they’re a steal!

MRP accessories
Pom pom keyring – R29.99, MRP.

Crazy about pineapples!

There’s no doubt about, pineapples are having a serious fashion moment! If you can’t get enough of the sweet fruit then it’s time to show the world how much you love them! We love this assortment of pineapple-themed goodies from MRP because they’re fun, yet oh-so-chic at the same time.

MRP accessories
From top: Pineapple phone Cover – R79.99, MRP | Pineapple baseball cap – R79.99, MRP | Pineapple pom pom keyring – R39.99. All available Oct 2016.

Music to your ears!

Life is too short to listen to your favourite tunes through boring headphones – especially in summer. We can’t get enough of these super cute options from MRP. We mean, who doesn’t want to walk around with mini ice cream cones peeping out from their earlobes?

See Also

MRP accessories
Bunny earphones – R69.99, MRP | Ice Cream earphones – R69.99, MRP. Available Sept 2016.

Packed with Character!

This summer, fashion is all about adding a splash of personality to your outfit and it doesn’t get more personality-packed than these fun little accessories. We love this ‘matching’ white badge print crossbody bag and zip-up purse from MRP as well as these super chic silver and rose gold tassel keyring.

MRP accessories
Badged crossbody bag – R129.99, MRP (avail Sept 2016) | Tassel keyring – R45.99, MRP (Avail Oct 2016) | Badged purse – R69.99, MRP | Denim badged bag – R129.99, MRP (avail Sept 2016).

Click here to shop these super cute accessories and many more at MRP now.

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