Living in South African is an interesting experience. Crazy politicians, culture clashes, car guards, and breathtakingly beautiful scenery, incredible wildlife, and delicious food all make life in South Africa a unique experience. But perhaps the best thing about South Africa is our ability to laugh things off and poke fun at all the craziness that surrounds us on a daily basis. Fast-food chain, Nando’s is particularly good at producing ads that find the funny side of life in South Africa and its new advert featuring a new twist on popular board game, Monopoly has everyone in stitches.

It has been a little while since Nando’s graced us with a new advert, this newest addition to the YouTube vault is a goodie. The ad sees a South African family sitting around a table enjoying a game of ‘Mzansipoli’. The players take turns rolling the dice revealing hilarious blocks on the board, brutally honest “chance” cards, and unique game pieces. From ‘black tax’ to race cards, squatters rights to white guilt, ‘Mzansipoli’ has it all.

Watch the laugh-a-minute advert below:

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