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Do you hate the schlep of using traditional courier companies? Sure, they’re far more efficient than regular snail mail but anyone who has ever sent or received a parcel via a courier company or the post office has wished that there was a better way. Well, guess what there finally is! It’s called WumDrop and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Here’s why you need to drop it like it’s hot with this fabulous new local startup.

WumDrop believes that the delivery business can be done better. A lot better. They’re hell-bent on turning the delivery business here in South Africa on its head and they’re doing a pretty great job of it so far. With WumDrop you don’t need to call anyone, fill out any tedious delivery forms or all that other jazz all you need to do is pick up your phone or laptop and at the click of a button you can get anything picked up or dropped off, anywhere, anytime, immediately. Yes, that’s right we said immediately! And, when your parcel gets dropped off they’ll even send you a pic to prove it.

WumDrop is currently operating in Cape Town and Johannesburg and uses a team of WumDrop drivers who are essentially the heroes of the company. The WumDrop website says that they “live and die by our ability to do whatever is (legally) in our power to get our customers’ packages where they need to go” – if that doesn’t make you think they take the delivery business seriously then heck knows what will. WumDrop essentially empowers their drivers to ‘own their own business’ by offering them delivery gigs on a daily basis. Each driver is kitted out in fancy pants red Puma gear and is paid by kilometer to deliver parcels around the city.

When it comes to pricing, their mantra is “clarity”. WumDrop charges R12 per kilometre, with a minimum charge of R50 per delivery. You can also enter your pick up and drop-off locations to get a quote for your delivery before you send it. And, if you’re a small to medium business that needs some serious help with a courier solution then they will work out a solution just for you and your business.

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For information visit the WumDrop website or say Hi to WumDroop on Facebook.

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