5 Funky Items to You Didn’t Know Your Kitchen Needed.

Pylones Kitchen

Let’s face it; not everyone loves spending time in the kitchen but (almost) everyone loves cutesy stuff. You know, the type of stuff that says; “look how quirky I am, my cheese grater looks like a mouse!” So, whether you love cooking or not, you still need to enter the kitchen every once in a while so why not time that boiled egg with a cupcake-shaped egg timer? Because we love all things cute and quirky we thought we’d spice up your kitchen game with this nifty list of 5 Funky Items to You Didn’t Know Your Kitchen Needed. You’re welcome.

1. Rhino-shaped Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife Pylones

Our beloved rhino are disappearing by the minute so why not commemorate their beauty with a cheese knife in their likeness? Trust us, cutting the cheese has never been this fun!

Available from Pylones at R249 – click here to buy it now.

2. Cupcake-shaped Kitchen Timer

Cupcake timer


If you thought boiling an egg was boring then think again because this little cupcake-shaped egg timer is gearing up to put some fun and excitement back into the mundane task that is timing stuff in the kitchen.

Available from Mr Price Home at R29 – click here to buy it now.

3. Leafy Tea Infuser

Chef n Tea infuser


If you are a tea lover, then the Chef ‘n Tea Infuser is the just what you need. With a fun, modern design, it’s ideal for making loose-leaf tea for single cups or even a full pot for your guests. Plus, it looks like a leaf so it’s quirky!

Available from @Home at R219 – click here to buy it now.

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4. PicPecPac Crumb Collector

Birds Pylones

Pylones does it again with this unique crumb collector. Making a sandwich can be messy business so why scoop up those crumbs with a kitchen cloth when you can roll this super fun hand-held counter vacuum over them? The little birds atop the counter vacuum will peck-peck-peck the crumbs up in no time!

Available from Pylones at R349.95 – click here to buy it now.

5. Mouse-shaped Oven-Mitt

Mouse oven mittThis silicone mouse-faced oven mitt will protect your hands when you’re taking hot things out of the oven and will make baking so much more fun!

Available from Mr Price Home at R29.99 – click here to buy it now.

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