Owe Your Friends a Few Bucks? Here’s an Easy Way to Pay Them Instantly

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Spotting someone a few bucks to cover a drink or a movie ticket is a pretty easy and common thing to do. Now, remembering to stop at the ATM on the way out after that new flick? Not so much. Having an easy way to transfer money between a network of friends is convenient and takes the hassle out of repaying someone or offering to pay for someone’s bill, and Spot provides just that service.

Covering or splitting up the bill after a night out doesn’t have to be a pain anymore if everyone can just refund whoever is swiping their card with a couple of button presses (no bank details, blood of a yak, etc needed!). Simply download the app; link up with the people in your network and payment is a breeze from there.

You can earn cash too!

Not only does it make that whole process simpler, but you can also make money by using Spot. When you download the app, and refer a friend, Spot will gift you R20. Simple, yet epic!

And don’t worry if your friends are a little slack in the age of technology – you can still send money to a friend that does not have the app. The system sends them an SMS with a message prompting them to claim their money, follow a link and set up Spot on their device. This allows them to link their cards and get their cash.

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So, test it out, download Spot and use our unique code MSTUFF1 to earn your R20 and get Spotting!

Download: iOS | Android

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