Placecol’s Gentle Exfoliating Treatment is a Winner of Note! [Review]

Placecol Gentle Exfoliating Treatment

To date, I have experienced a healthy share of let downs from skincare products. I’ve now learned that not all labels live up to the expectations expressed on the packaging. Not all products will make blemishes miraculously disappear or make you look twenty years younger overnight, nor will they clear dark eye circles in several seconds. So my dear darlings, I come bearing wonderful news. This bottle of goodness from beauty brand, Placecol not only has a fruity sensation but is also the perfect solution for addressing those problematic skin areas. Here’s why Placecol’s Gentle Exfoliating Treatment is a game changer of note!

Serums and treatments are a great way to give your skin an extra treatment, a boost of moisture and are ideal for skin sloughing. For a while, I suffered from dry skin around the sides of my nose and have on many occasions felt self-conscious and willing to try new products to bid these scathing dry areas adieu. Fast-forward to about a month ago, this bottle of magic potion came my way. Yes, at first I was a fair dose of sceptical (my skin is super sensitive) but after using Placecol’s Gentle Exfoliating Treatment, I can safely say my once easily irritated and dry skin is now a lot calmer and brighter. The serum rapidly penetrates into the upper layer of skin, leaving it looking both a little more radiant and hydrated. So say goodbye to dry patches and hello to pure and treated skin – hooray!

This concentrated exfoliating serum from Placecol contains safe AHA acids to gently but effectively remove dull, dry and dead skin cells, while also helping to improve cellular activity to promote faster cell turnover. According to Placecol, regular use of the treatment will help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help restore skin radiance.

The serum does not need to be applied in a mandatory fashion, but rather when you feel certain areas need a little attention or feel the need to address certain skin concerns. This exfoliating serum gave my face waking power and after doing a little research, I found the product is even suitable for sensitive skin. Now my skin is thanking me sooner than I could imagine! Application is simple; place two or three drops (depending on how heavy or not so heavy handed you are) onto the fingertips. Then, gently massage the product onto the desired area. Allow it to absorb for about 15 minutes and then rinse off with some water.

So there you go, although it’s inevitable some of us may suffer from dry skin from time to time, stress not, after using this product the troubled area should now look a little less angry and feel a little less bumpy. The product is packed with special humectants and moisturisers to boost the skin’s natural moisture content. When first applied it tingles a bit and in terms of exfoliation, it can be a little aggressive removes dead skin cells super effectively so it’s definitely a must-try even if you usually tend to avoid exfoliators.

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The Placecol Exfoliating Serum has definitely proven to be a lifesaver for me and the product now takes up space with my trusted holy grail of go-to products at home. Needless to say I was both pleasantly surprised and impressed, very impressed with this little product.

Placecol Gentle Exfoliating Treatment is available online from the Placecol online store at R340 as well as from Placecol stores and spas nationwide. Click here to shop online now or find a store near you. 

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