Pleasantly Surprised by the New Savanna Loco Cider [Review]

Savanna Loco

Savanna is probably the most well-known cider in South Africa, and in 2016 it’s almost impossible to come across someone in SA who hasn’t tried it. Of course, let’s be honest, while Savanna might be our nation’s favourite cider, some of us have grown a little bored of this familiar friend. Enter Savanna Loco – a new tequila flavoured cider that is bound to reignite your love of the South African staple.

Combining the crisp taste of Savanna Dry with fresh tequila flavour, new Savanna Loco is the first of its kind in South Africa. With its vibrant turquoise packaging wrapped around the new-shape Savannah bottle, it’s hard to miss on the shelves. Of course, there’s been a lot of hype around the launch of the new Savanna flavour but truth be told, I was a little sceptical of the new cider when it first arrived at my door.

But, after cracking open my first bottle I was pleasantly surprised by its crisp taste. It’s a fresh, well-balanced cider that leaves you wanting more and while you might think the tequila flavour sounds like a flavour disaster it actually offers a great twist to the well-known taste of Savanna. I’d highly recommend trying this delicious new cider – it would pair perfectly with Mexican delights like nachos and chilli poppers and is also a great way to get a party started on the weekends.

You can find new Savanna Loco at your local city hang-outs, bars and Mexican restaurants. You can also find it at leading stores retailing at around R74.95 per 6-pack.

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