Puma Hybrid Astro: Run Further & Faster with Puma’s High-Tech Running Shoe [Review]

Puma Hybrid Astro

Whether you’re an experienced runner or a complete beginner, it’s essential to buy the right pair of running shoes. Good running shoes will not only help reduce your risk of injuries, but it can also make the whole experience more enjoyable, and even set you up for faster times. And, because you’re likely to cover more than 1,000 km in them before they wear out, it’s worth investing in the best running shoes for you. Sure your wallet might be happier if you just pick up a pair of budget trainers, but no one knows the benefits of investing in a pair of quality running shoes more than me… and my long-suffering knees.

While I used to hit the pavement several times a week, these days my knees don’t afford me the luxury. Thanks to years of abuse from netball, and a pretty serious knee injury a few years back, at the tender age of 33, I’ve now got the knees of a woman twice my age. I still love to run, so I don’t avoid it completely, but when I do hit the streets for a sweat session, I need to make sure that the shoes I wear give me extra cushioning and support to protect my delicate old lady knees. I’ve tried running in low-quality running shoes before and it was NOT enjoyable at all. A little while into the run, my Achilles tendon started to act up, shortly after that I could feel blisters starting to form on the insides of my arches, and by the time I was done, my knees were screaming at me to please stop. But pounding the pavement in the new Puma Hybrid Astro running shoes, is a completely different experience altogether.

A premium running experience

Puma Hybrid Astro

This new addition to Puma’s Hybrid range offers a premium running experience, whether your clocking in marathon distances or doing a casual 5km. Built for shifting your run into high gear, these running shoes are chock-full of tech to give you an edge on the streets. Featuring Puma’s Hybrid Foam, these shoes guarantee an ultra-comfortable running experience. Combing two of Puma’s most innovative technologies — Ignite Foam and NRGY beads — Puma’s Hybrid Foam works to give you the ultimate cushioning and responsiveness during your run.

The Ignite foam is a high rebound foam that offers stability and rigidity, but also a healthy dose of responsiveness at the same time. Buried within the heel area is the second interesting piece of tech, the NRGY Beads. Hundreds of the tiny little rubber beads are sealed within a transparent case in the heel, to help generate impressive energy return with each stride.

Puma Hybrid Astro

This premium running shoe also features Puma’s Netfit technology at the midfoot to lock in support and offer the best fit for any runner. The Netfit technology and Puma’s Hybrid foam work together to create motion control through your entire stride. This innovative technology is a real win for anyone who loves a snug, controlled fit. This exciting lacing system helps runners create a personalised fit with customisable lace positioning to lock in your foot and reduce movement within the shoe. You can lace these shoes almost any way you would like. Offering multiple ways to lace up, the Hybrid Astros give runners the option to lace the shoes differently to suit specific needs. Whether you have wide feet, narrow feet, or are looking for more stability at the ankles.

Comfort is king

I’ve gone on a few runs wearing the Puma Hydrid Astros now, and they’re nothing short of wonderful. They are beyond comfortable and I haven’t had my usual issues with my knees or blisters while wearing them. The shoes are a dream to run in and are super lightweight to boot, helping you turn on the jets for those last few kilometres when your legs are heavy and ready to throw in the towel. These shoes have helped me run further than I’ve been able to in a long time, and thanks to the incredible response from the NRGY beads in the heel, I feel a little faster while I’m at it too.

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Puma Hybrid Astro

The Hybrid Astro have made me fall in love with running all over again. I love knowing I don’t have to worry about my knees and joints taking too much strain while I’m running. If comfort and fit are important to you, then these Puma Hybrid Astros will tick all your boxes. I’ve also worn them to my weekly cardio classes at the gym, and they work perfectly for that as well, giving me even more bang for my buck.

Puma Hybrid Astro running shoes are priced at R2,299 and are available from Puma, Totalsports and selected retailers.

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