Ray-Ban Expands Range to Include Prescription Lenses


If you love sunglasses then you’ll no doubt know that these days there’s some much more to choose from – whether it’s a fashion-forward frame design or lenses with varied tints and colours, there’s something to suit your style out there. Ray-Ban is definitely ahead of the game when it comes to offering a wide variety of lens options in each of their signature frames but for those who are required to wear glasses, getting stylish shades with a specific lens look, that also fits in with your prescription needs, can be a challenge. Ray-Ban is opening up a whole new world to prescription lens wearers with speciality Ray-Ban prescription lenses that won’t require you to choose function over style.

To offer so much more in the way of lenses in their sunglasses range, Ray-Ban has moved to integrate the need many have for prescription lenses with new digital lens manufacturing technology that will enable them to bring prescription lenses to their stable of products worldwide by the end of this year.

To get your customised Ray-Ban sunglasses, you simply provide your prescription and desired frame choice to an optician or eyewear outlet and they will then order the correct configuration that will be delivered within a few days. Ray-Ban will offer their full-range of frames and lens options with prescription setup, so if there’s a specific design of frame you love with a particular lens colour or tint you’ll be able to replicate it with your prescription pair.

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