Recipe: This Super Easy Lazy Girls Old Fashioned Cocktail is a Must-Try

The Lazy Old Fashioned

Classic cocktails, like the Old Fashioned, are classics for a reason. While modern mixologists are creating all sorts of wild and crazy concoctions, we can’t help but go back to the much-loved classics every now and then. This month Monkey Shoulder whisky is shining a light on an old favourite, the Old Fashioned, in honour of ‘Old Fashioned Week’ which took place from 30th October to 8th November 2020. Monkey Shoulder’s delicious cocktail, ‘The Lazy Old Fashioned’ is a fresh take on a classic cocktail and definitely a must-try for summer night’s spent relaxing with friends and family at home.

Yes, it’s a classic, but perhaps it needs a bit of a shake up; not a massive one, just enough not to break a sweat. As delicious as it is, the classic Old Fashioned perhaps has too many steps for novice cocktail makers to pull off at home. There’s a lot of measuring, crushing, and pouring. The great news? The process of making an Old Fashioned at home can really be trimmed down — hence we bring you; The Lazy Old Fashioned!

The Lazy Old Fashioned

Follow this recipe for Monkey Shoulder’s Lazy Old Fashioned this weekend and get the party started. We all know the Monkey Shoulder bottle looks awesome, but did you know it’s also crazy useful as a mixing jug? Just follow the below recipe and you will have 12 cocktails perfected in less than 30 seconds, ready to be enjoyed at any time.

‘The Lazy Old Fashioned’


Monkey Shoulder
Sugar Syrup
Angostura bitters
Orange zest

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Remove 150ml of Monkey Should Whisky from the bottle.
Enjoy this neat, or on ice with friends while you use the 600ml for the Lazy Old Fashioned mix.
Pour the 120 ml sugar syrup into the bottle.
Add 24 dashes of Angostura Bitters into the bottle.
Now shake the bottle with all the ingredients inside.
Take a marker and write Lazy Old fashioned over the label.
Chill in the fridge, and when you are ready, pour yourself a ready mixed old fashioned over a glass with chilled dry ice and garnish with orange zest.
Now you have 12 cocktails in one bottle ready to be served

Monkey Shoulder Whisky is available at Makro at R319 a bottle.

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