Review: Boost Hydration with the Mavala Aqua Plus Skincare Range

Mavala Aqua Plus Range

We’re all adverse to change. Especially when it comes to things like skincare. You to tend to stick to what you know. Two years ago I found the products that work for my skin and I thought I was all set. But, after 6 wonderful weeks of trying the Mavala Switzerland Aqua Plus range, I may just be tempted to make a change to my skincare routine.

Yes indeed, the verdict is out, The Mavala Aqua range is a must-have for anyone looking to up their skincare game… Especially for those with sensitive and reactive skin!

Kind to your skin

If you struggle to find products that will be kind to your sensitive skin, then you’ll love Mavala’s range of skincare products. All the products across the Mavala skincare range are dermatologically tested and are free from nasties such as phthalates, sodium sulfate and mineral oils. The Aqua Plus range takes this ‘free-from-nasties’ ethos one step further with the addition of powerful active ingredients designed to help improve hydration in the skin.

Mavala Aqua Plus Range

With 3 products in the range, you’ll have everything you need to ensure your skin stays hydrated, plump, and youthful all year round. The range includes the Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturising Featherlight Cream (R679), Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturising Intensive Serum (R869), and the Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturising Sleeping Mask (R709).

Infused with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural water-loving molecule that helps the skin retain moisture, the Mavala Aqua range is ideal for anyone who struggles with dry and sensitive skin. Other key ingredients include Swiss Mallow Flower to help comfort dehydrated skin, soothe irritated skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by ageing.

Hands-on with the Mavala Aqua Range

I had the opportunity to try Mavala Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Intensive Serum and the Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Sleeping Mask for 6 weeks and was thrilled at the results.

Mavala Aqua Plus Range

Before using the Multi-Moisturizing Intensive Serum I was unaware of the wonders of a face serum. After seeing and feeling the results from regular use of this serum I’m sold! If you’re new to using a serum in your skincare routine, there are many benefits to using a target serum in your daily routine.

The Mavala Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Intensive Serum leaves my skin feeling replenished, soft, and smooth after every use. The serum has a gel-like texture and the product immediately soaks into your skin, creating a gentle tightness as it works its ways into the  inner layers of your skin.

Thanks to the serum’s cool, soft and smooth texture, it has been a real refreshing treat to use on my skin during the summer months. What I loved the most about this serum is its lightweight feel. It doesn’t create a heavy feel on your skin even after you apply your other creams or make-up on top of it, making it so easy to wear day and night. To use, simply apply the serum to your skin directly after cleansing. You can apply it before your moisturiser for an added boost of hydration.

Mavala Aqua Plus Range

See Also

I thought I already hit the jackpot with the serum but the Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Sleeping Mask is just as amazing. The mask is infused with the same extracts and ingredients as the serum but works to give your skin some added TLC while you sleep.

Applied every evening before bed, this mask helps to re-energize, restore, rehydrate, and protect the inner and outer layers of your skin. Its texture is as light as a feather and soaks into your skin within seconds, making it an easy and hassle-free addition to your routine before your head hits the pillow. To use, simply apply the mask to your face and neck before bedtime.

Mavala Aqua Plus Range

The mask has a fresh smell and helps to relax your senses before bed, ensuring a great night’s sleep. I’ve been using the product every night and have been delighted with the results in the morning. I’ve noticed that the sleeping mask works wonders overnight. My skin no longer feels dry when waking up in the morning and the mask also helps to reduce that morning puffy eye look.

If you’re looking for results-driven products to add to your skincare routine, then you can’t go wrong with the Mavala Aqua Plus Multi-Moisturizing Intensive Serum and Sleeping Mask. The price may be a bit steep for some buyers, but it’s definitely worth the splurge, believe me, you will thank me later!

The Mavala Aqua Plus range is available at Dis-Chem stores nationwide as well as online from the Mavala South Africa website

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