Surprising Things That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction And Treating It With Tadalafil

Erectile disfunction

Sometimes referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction means that as a man, you are unable to not only get an erection in the first place, but that you are unable to sustain a hard enough one so that you and your partner can enjoy sexual intercourse. This happens on the odd occasion is not very uncommon for most men. However, if it persists and is happening most of the time then it is likely that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Because it can actually be a sign of a serious underlying health condition, it is important that should you ever experience any of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, that you go and talk to your doctor about it. It is likely that he will be able to recommend some treatments for it that you can partake in, such as the use of the medicine, Tadalafil – check here for a price.

Some of the more unusual and surprising things that can cause men to suffer with erectile dysfunction are listed below and include…

    • Depression – this, along with other illnesses that affect your mental health, can put you right off of having sexual intercourse.
  • Medication – there are numerous different over the counter medications that have erectile dysfunction as one of their many side effects. These include common drugs for treating high blood pressure, depression, epilepsy, high cholesterol, and psychosis.  
    • Peyronie’s Disease – this condition causes your penis to curve over to one side, as a result of scar tissue on the shaft. In some instances, having an erection can cause a considerable amount of pain.
    • Cycling – if you perform several hours of cycling without getting off of your bike or changing position on the seat, then it can cause the blood vessels and nerves in your perineum to become compressed. The resulting nerve damage can cause erectile dysfunction. 
  • Stress – being anxious or stressed in your work or home life can feed its way into your sexual life. This can result in you not being able to perform as well as what you usually are able to. Anxiety based around sexual performance is a contributing factor towards erectile dysfunction. 
  • High Cholesterol – a raised cholesterol level greatly increases your risk of developing a condition that is known as atherosclerosis. This causes a clogging and, thus, narrowing of your arteries and so seriously impairs blood flow to all parts of your body. As a result, it can stop the required amount of blood reaching your penis and so stopping it from getting hard enough or at all.
  • Smoking Cigarettes – because smoking damages blood vessels in your body, including the ones that take blood to your penis, it can result in you finding it difficult to get an erection.
  • Diabetes – by having diabetes, your chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction increases by threefold. This is because the disease has an effect on your body’s blood vessels and nerves.

If you have any of the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction then you should not be ashamed, as it affects many more men than what you think it does.

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