Review: Hands-On with Bio-Oil’s New Body Lotion

Bio Oil Body Lotion

There’s a reason Bio-Oil has been a skincare staple for South African women for decades. Launched in 1987, the oil quickly became a wildly popular moisturiser for scars and stretch marks, and to this day is a go-to for anyone looking to treat their skin in an effective and affordable way. Over the years, the company has innovated with new products, and now, Bio-Oil is bringing us yet another unique product innovation with the launch of Bio-Oil Body Lotion.

The brand says its new ground-breaking lotion features an ultralight formulation with more than double the oil content than other pharmacy brand moisturisers on the market. But is it the skincare wonder you’ve been waiting for? I put the new lotion to the test to see just what all the fuss is about.

Bio Oil Body Lotion

Designed to be used on the body every day, Bio-Oil Body Lotion takes everyday skincare to the next level, allowing you to enjoy the powerful moisturising benefits of the original Bio-Oil in a convenient and exciting new way. After researching, developing, and testing over 140 prototypes, Bio-Oil was finally ready to bring its game-changing lotion to market. Bio-Oil says it believes in the power of oil and this new product is another way the company is championing the increased use of oil in skincare products to produce significantly more effective formulations.

Body lotions are popular with South African women because they are light and easily absorbed, allowing the user to get dressed immediately after application. But, the trade-off with body lotions is that the lightweight formulas and high water content, typically mean they’re less effective at moisturising the skin than heavier creams and body butters.

Bio Oil Body Lotion

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

For Bio-Oil’s Body Lotion the research and development team set out to formulate a body lotion lighter than any other body lotion on the market, but more effective than creams and body butters. But, how can a lightweight lotion utilise the power of oil without becoming too heavy? The answer is the first-ever “shake before use” body moisturiser.

According to Bio-Oil, the difference between its Body Lotion and other pharmacy brand body lotions on the market is that Bio-Oil product has, on average, double the amount of oil. “In normal body lotions, you will find around 20% oil, and in our Body Lotion there is 42% oil. We kept the potency very high, yet we achieved this ultralight feel, so we’ve got the best of both worlds,’ explains Bio-Oil research and development director David Letschert.

Bio Oil Body Lotion
When developing the product, the brand says it set out to create a body lotion thinner, lighter and faster absorbing than any other lotion on the market. The brand explained that the new Bio-Oil Body Lotion’s combination of breakthrough lightness and high-oil content is achieved through an emulsion, with a thin fluid-like consistency, in which the water and oil are very lightly bound together. By gently shaking the product before use, the oil disperses back into the lotion and activates its powerful formulation.

Hands-on with Bio-Oil Body Lotion

The product is super easy to use, you simply give it a quick, gentle shake, to activate the formulation, and apply. The lotion feels very light on the skin and absorbs very quickly with no greasy residue. I was expecting the lotion to be quite greasy right off the bat, considering the high oil content, but it really is surprisingly light and is definitely lighter than most body moisturisers and creams I have used in the past. It also spreads very easily, and a little goes a long way with this lotion.

Bio Oil Body Lotion

I’ve been using the lotion for just over 2 weeks now, and it always leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soft after applying. If I apply the lotion in the morning, my skin feels soft all day, and the best bit, because the lotion melts into the skin so quickly, you can apply it and get dressed immediately. So, no need to do the ‘no pants dance’ around the room while you wait for your cream to soak in!

Bio-Oil recommends the lotion be massaged into the skin in a circular motion until fully absorbed, and for best results, it should be applied twice daily in the morning and evening. I did just that and the results were great. I must admit, I can be quite lazy when it comes to applying moisturiser to my body. I’m too impatient to wait for the product to soak in but with the Bio-Oil Body Lotion, it was so quick and easy to apply that it made it so much less of a chore.

Bio Oil Body Lotion

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Why is Bio-Oil’s Body Lotion so unique?

Designed with a complex water-in-oil formulation and combination of ingredients that work to hydrate and replenish mild everyday dry skin, the product is the ideal daily body moisturiser for anyone looking for a product that is non-greasy, highly effective, and affordable. Bio-Oil says the lotion’s powerful high-oil formulation delivers powerful results by giving the skin what it needs to be healthy and resilient.

Bio-Oil Body Lotion is formulated with occlusives to lock moisture in the skin, humectants to attract moisture to the skin, and emollients to repair cracks in the skin’s barrier. While the average pharmacy brand moisturiser on the market commonly contains 20% oils and active ingredients and 80% water, Bio-Oil’s Body Lotion contains 60% oils and active ingredients and 40% water. Because Bio-Oil Body Lotion contains more than double the oil than the average moisturiser on the market, it is a more potent product that can work more effectively to moisturise the skin.

Bio Oil Body Lotion
What’s more, the product has also been dermatologically tested, to ensure it is safe to use on most skin, and it is also paraben, preservative and phthalate-free. These are the most common irritants in skincare products, making the lotion ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The lotion is also packaged in recyclable materials. Plus, it is Vegan and is not tested on animals.

Is Bio-Oil Body Lotion for you?

The ultralight high-oil lotion is designed to offer sheer long-lasting moisture for all skin types, but Bio-Oil says it is best suited for those with mild everyday dry skin, dull and ashy looking skin, as well as those with tight, itchy skin.

The lotion works like a boss at moisturising the skin, and fans of Bio-Oil will no doubt fall in love with this product from the very first use. If you’re looking for an affordable everyday body lotion that will keep dry skin at bay, then you’ll adore this new offering from Bio-Oil.

The product is available in 175ml and 250ml bottles and is now available from Clicks (R115 for 175ml and R151 for 250ml), Dis-Chem, and Takealot.

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