Review: Revive Tired Skin with Imbalie’s Vitamin & Mineral Smoothie Facial

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Did South Africa’s long hard lockdown do a number on your skin? For many, missing out on regular skin treatments while spas and salons were closed took a real toll on the skin. The stress of lockdown coupled with frequent mask-wearing caused many people’s skin to breakout or lose its usual glow.

But, now that spas and salons have been open for a short while it’s time to give your neglected and tired skin a little extra TLC. A results-focused facial, like Imabalie’s Vitamin and Mineral Smoothie Facial, is a great way to give your skin a much-needed treat after the stressful effects of lockdown and working from home. I popped to the Placecol Skin Care Clinic at Willowbridge Shopping Centre to experience this new facial treatment, and hopefully reverse some of the negative effects South Africa’s hard lockdown had on my skin.

Placecol Willowbridge
Placecol Willowbridge Shopping Centre.

This innovative post-lockdown treatment works to give your skin a real energy boost and restore a beautiful glow to the skin. Packed with powerful active ingredients, the facial offers clients a potent delivery of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost skin health and wellness by intensifying cellular immunity and defence. Lockdown had left my skin feeling dry, sensitive, and a little undernourished, so I was excited to see what the treatment could do for my skin.

The treatment incorporates techniques such as double-layer masking, deep exfoliation and collagen repair, to really give your skin a thorough pick-me-up. The treatment involves using a series of carefully selected products to treat the skin and leave you with healthy, radiant and glowing skin for days.

Placecol Willowbridge

Some of the key active ingredients in the products used throughout the facial include a potent combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, as well as ATP (the essential compound that provides energy within our cells). These ingredients are coupled with B Vitamins, Vitamins A, C and D, L-lysine plus electrolytes to name a few others, to help revive, re-energise, and promote overall skin health and wellness.

The treatment starts with a double cleanse, followed by deep exfoliation. A tingling, sensorial experience from the special crystals used in the exfoliation process and the refreshing scents of berry and citrus scents offer an added touch of luxury and relaxation to the exfoliation step in this facial.

Vitamin Mineral smoothie facial
Before and after the facial.

The next step is double-layer masking and collagen repair, which includes an oh-so-heavenly neck massage and shoulder massage while you wait for the mask to work its magic. Once the mask is gently removed from the skin, your therapist applies a series of products including serums, an eye cream, day cream, and a broad spectrum SPF to protect the skin from the sun.

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My skin was positively glowing after this treatment, even better news is, the glow stayed long after I’d left the salon. My skin was looking dull and dreary before this delicious facial and I noticed a definite change in the texture of my skin for a few days after the treatment. It’s a lovely treat for the skin and is great for anyone who loves a relaxing, yet results-driven facial.

Suitable for all skin types, this Vitamin and Mineral Smoothie Facial is indeed the answer to many skin related prayers and at just R450 for the 1-hour treatment, it’s a steal.

Placecol Willowbridge
Strict hygiene protocols are in place at Placecol Willowbridge.

What’s more, Placecol salons have implemented all the necessary Covid-19 safety measures and protocols to ensure you can enjoy your treatment without having to worry. Heading into Placecol Willowbridge during lockdown level-1, I was impressed to see that clients are required to sanitise their hands upon entry before undergoing a temperature check. Clients also fill out a safety questionnaire, as well as a client card upon arrival and are required to bring their own towel and blanket along for their treatments. The massage beds at the salon are carefully wrapped in disposable plastic to ensure that they can be replaced in between clients and your therapist wears a mask and a visor throughout the treatment to ensure your safety.

The Vitamin and Mineral Smoothie Facail is available at all salons under the Imablie Beauty groups banner, including Placecol Skin Care Clinics, Dream Nails Salons and Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studios nationwide. Visit the Placecol website to find out more and book your treatment now.

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