SA Optical Brand Launches Innovative AR App to Find the Perfect Eyewear


Shopping online has taken South Africa (and the world in general) by storm, but up until now, it’s mostly been difficult to replicate the real shopping experience. Buying online is great, but a simple picture of a product is often insufficient to make an informed decision on getting a certain item.

Buying eyewear online is particularly tricky because you need to know how a certain pair of frames will look with your face shape (we’ve written a good article to give some tips on selecting the right frame) or how the colour looks, etc. Luckily for South Africans looking to step up their eyewear game Torga Optical has recently made an innovative and useful AR app to make this process a whole easier.

Rather than just looking at some images and guessing what the sizing or shape will end up looking like on your face, you can use their AR function to basically try the frame on at your leisure.

You simply need to go here and download the Torga iStylist Virtual Try On app appropriate for your phone’s operating system (available on Android and iOS), and voila – you’ve got their range at your fingertips. This allows you to take your time with the frames and observe them from every angle, and they’ve included a couple of tricks to make sure you get an accurate representation.

The ‘True Fit” capability measures your eye distance so that the size of the frames will be shown on screen accurately – resulting in the correct proportion and ratio between your face and the scale of the frames (something that many other AR apps don’t do). Additionally, there’s a 180-degree view so that you can see how the frames fit your face in profile, as well as showing the arms and temple detailing.

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So if you’re on the go, but still want to get some new specs, try the Torga iStylist Virtual Try On app and play around with the different frames – no long drives or queues to wait in, you can try on as many you like for as long as you like! Once you’ve found your favourite frames online using the iStylist, you can easily buy the glasses online via Torga’s website.

For any other optical and eyewear needs check out Torga Optical, from prescription shades to blue-light blocking lenses for those screen-junkies that want to keep their eyes in tip-top shape!

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