Say Bye-Bye to Sore Feet, Sequinned Bridal Crocs are Now a Thing

Sequinned Bridal Crocs

It’s 2019 and people are STILL trying to make Crocs happen. For years the manufacturer of Crocs has been consistently dreaming up new designs to bring fashionistas over to the Crocs dark side, but bridal Crocs? Now that’s something we never thought we’d see. While these sequin monstrosities aren’t an original Crocs creation, they are now a thing thanks to an independent designer in the US.

We all know Crocs are hella comfortable but wearing these clogs while you walk down the aisle on your big is a big commitment to comfort over style. These customised sparkly sequinned Crocs are definitely a lot zazzier than your ordinary run of the mill plastic Crocs but it will no doubt take a special kind of bride to pull them off.

Sequinned Bridal Crocs

From weddings to formal balls and special occasions, these jazzed up Crocs are every lazy gal’s dream come true. These sparkly white bridal creations don’t come cheap either though. They are currently being sold for a whopping £91.50 on Etsy. If you’re not keen on a white pair, you can also get your hands on a shiny silver sequinned number for £77 on Etsy.

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