Singapore Airlines’ Double Beds Will Change the Way You Fly! [Watch]

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Whether you’re flying First Class, Business class, or Economy, there’s no doubt everyone struggling through a long-haul flight misses their glorious double bed back at home. Of course, many airlines have upped their game over the last few years offering premium customers luxurious comfort in the form of gourmet onboard meals and other “wow” factor perks but Singapore Airlines is taking it one step further with the introduction of double bed suits on the Airbus A380.

Singapore Airlines recently revealed its forward-facing double beds and double suit to share on the Airbus A380, and we all pretty much responded with shock and awe. The lavish offering is available for Business Class passengers and is indeed something well worth the splurge.

The new offering will debut on five new A380s to be delivered this year and next year with the aircraft retrofit work expected to start in late 2018, with all 14 aircraft scheduled for completion by 2020. And, even Economy passengers will benefit from the aircraft overhaul with Singapore Airlines’ promising that the new A380 cabin will offer more personal space in all classes.

Check out Singapore Airlines’ new offering here:

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