SodaStream Introduces New Tonic Flavoured Syrup

Soda stream tonic

We’ve all been there — you’re jonesing for a G&T but you’ve run out of tonic water. There’s nothing more depressing. Luckily for those with a SodaStream machine all is not lost thanks to the brand’s new sparkling Tonic Water Syrup. Yes indeed, SodaStream is changing the G&T game so you’ll (almost) never run out of tonic water.

The new SodaStream tonic syrup allows anyone with a SodaStream machine (or a bottle of sparkling water for that matter) to create their very own tonic water from the comfort of their home. Launched at the ‘Gin and Tonic’ festival in February this year, the SodaStream tonic syrup has a third less sugar than your typical tonic, making your G&T a little less of a guilty pleasure.

Soda stream tonic

What’s more, because you’re mixing it yourself, you can measure exactly how much you put into your drink and adjust the level of sweetness according to your taste. Buying your tonic water in syrup form will also make your G&T habit just a little more affordable as the 240ml bottle of syrup makes up to 9 litres of tonic water!

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This high-quality syrup is perfect for keeping in your pantry for when you’re in the mood for sundowners but don’t feel like running to the shops. There’s no denying that it’s great value for money considering the amount of tonic one bottle of syrup can produce and it’s fun to make!

SodaStream Tonic syrup is available online from YuppieChef at R49.

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