Solve All your Biggest Beauty Dilemmas with This New Website!


Finding the perfect beauty products for your skin type and lifestyle can be tough! And not many of us have the budget to try every brand and product out there hoping that it will work. It’s a beauty dilemma as old as time and we feel your pain. But, the great news is a saviour has arrived. That’s right ladies, fret no more because beauty just got personal and it’s all thanks to a new website called Powder. With Powder you get the latest and greatest beauty advice and product recommendations, from leading beauty editors and the best bit? Everything they recommend is tailored just for you!

Powder is designed to make every beauty haul a complete success and there’s no doubt about it, the site has mastered the art of personalised beauty recommendations. While the site might be a UK based tool South African ladies can also learn loads from their recommendations as many of the products are available here as well. The site is all kinds of addictive and we spent ages working through the various categories finding out which moisturiser, cleanser, blush, eye cream, lipstick and more is perfectly suited to our skin and personality.


The easy-to-use website has curated the world’s beauty products and broken them down into the best make-up and skincare has to offer. Before you can find your perfect beauty matches the site requires you to log in, choose the type of product you are searching for and then fill in a short questionnaire about your beauty concerns, your lifestyle, and budget before churning out your perfect product.

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Another great feature of Powder is that every time you use the site to find a match, your results are saved in your ‘beauty drawer’ so you can always go back to it at a later date! The site also has a ‘beauty feed’ that is tailored with articles aimed at your concerns and products recommended for you.

Click here to visit the Powder website now to find your matches!

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