Solve Your Home Storage Woes with these Handwoven Hanging Baskets


It’s clear, woven storage baskets are having a serious décor moment. South African homemakers are using beautiful woven baskets for all sorts of décor solutions from plant holders to kitchen storage. But, as wonderful a storage solution as baskets are, they can also present some challenges for parents and pet owners. With most baskets being placed on the floor, its contents become an easy target for curious toddlers and pets. Luckily, one Cape Town mom has come up with a solution: introducing Baskiti!

Let’s be honest; when you have kids or pets, your sanity hangs on tenterhooks for the next disaster to strike. Which is exactly why local mom, Jana Leonard realised she had to come up with a solution to get her baskets off the floor and onto the wall. There the basket and its contents would be out of reach for her 14-month-old son who had taken a liking to rolling vegetables around on the kitchen floor. A few too many soggy potatoes later and Baskiti was born — a gorgeous range of handwoven hanging baskets and wooden wall hooks for moms at the end of their tether.


“Our aim was to create something that looks amazing but also gets the job done,” explained Leonard. While lockdown has had many people decluttering their homes and looking for storage and organisation solutions, Leonard was conscious of creating a product that would help consumers fight clutter, not add to it. “We wanted our Baskiti products to add value, not more things to your home.” she added.

Baskiti offers the one basket every mom needs, from your kitchen to your crafts room or even baby’s room. There are so many uses for the Baskitis — you’ll want to find new open wall-space to hang them! A great addition to the braai room, living area with an indoor plant, or perhaps outdoors under the lapa — the Baskiti range will allow you to have nice things, safe from the prying fingers of toddlers or snoots of curious pets.


The Baskiti Hanging Basket is 35cm high, 22cm wide and has a handle that hooks beautifully onto the Baskiti J-Hook. It has a flat back and a big belly so it gorgeously hugs the wall.

“Our Baskiti offers you more floor and counter space and allows you to create something beautiful and usable on a wall which may never have found life.” adds Jana. Baskiti also has a liner which you can add to your basket for smaller items like Lego or for trickier vegetables like onions, so you don’t have onion skin all over your floor.

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The Baskiti range of handmade wall hooks add to the overall aesthetic of the offering whilst also helping to make hanging your baskets a little easier. The J-Hooks are almost always sold with the Basket, as it just works so well together.

The baskets without liner retail for R280 are available to order online. Shop the full Baskiti range online from the LMDA Lifestyle website

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