3 Spring Trends You Can Wear Now and Later [Watch]

Tracy Gold

Buying into the trends every season can be an expensive exercise – especially when there are a bjillion trends to follow every season. Luckily for us, fashion writer and stylist Tracy Gold is back with a fabulous new videos series to help us navigate this year’s spring fashion trends. In this new series Tracy gives us all the tips we need on the latest trends that are due to last this season and beyond. Follow these tips in the “Spring Trends for Now and Later” series and you’ll be on trend for months to come.

1. Spring trends for now and later: high waisted:

Do you hate the muffin top effect that hipsters give you? Well then, listen up because in part 1 of this new series, Tracy tells us why the high waisted trend is so fabulous and how to wear it for your shape.

Watch the full video here:

 2. Spring trends for now and later: spring scarf

If you think that scarves are only for winter dressing then think again. The lightweight spring scarf is a must-have this season and in part 2 of this series, Tracy give you the low down on the latest spring scarf trends and how to wear them.

Watch the full video here:

3. Spring trends for now and later: culottes

Would you love to wear short skirts, but find them difficult to sit and move around in? In part 3 of this series, Tracy show us why culottes are the perfect solution and how to wear them.

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Watch the full video here:

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